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The Raven


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a structure of crisscrossed strips commonly wood or metal that forms a pattern of openings
to influence by deceit; to trick
calm; peaceful; undisturbed
a period of rest or relief, as from work or sorrow
something that heals or soothes, as an ointment
he is trying to distract himself from his sorrow
Why is the speaker reading at the beginning of the poem?
He moves from grief to curiosity to fear and fore boding
How would you describe his emotional state in the first six stanzas?
He is startled and yet amused
What is the speaker's first reaction to the Raven's entrance?
He is relieved to be distracted from his melancholy mood
Why does he react to the Raven that way?
He thinks that he came from the underworld
Where does the speaker think the raven came from at first?
The speaker's soul will never be lifted from the shadow
What will never be lifted from the Raven's shadow?
The future will probably be one of despair
What does the future probably hold for the speaker?
The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words
What is Alliteration?
to look out for the speaker
What is the Raven's main purpose?
it unifies the poem and adds to the mystery of the Raven's arrival and ability to speak
What is the effect of the repetition of the raven's single word, nevermore?
the word nevermore is appropriate
Is the word appropriate in the context of the poem, or would some other word have been as effective?
The speaker wants his lost lenore
What does the speaker want?
Poe's purpose was to write a poem that would create a mood of melancholy and portray a speaker haunted by memories of his lost love
How would you describe Poe's purpose in writing this poem?
The poem's enduring popularity is evidence that Poe achieved his purpose
Did Poe achieve his purpose with this poem?
The speaker, who is a man distraught over the loss of lenore, someone he loved, and the raven, a large bird that taps on the speaker's window and repeats only 1 word.
Who were the characters in this poem?
the speaker feels curiosity about the Raven , yet when the bird's single response continues to make sense in the context of his thoughts and outbursts of speech, he begins to look upon it as a prophet sent by God or the devil. The raven destroys any hope the speaker has about reuniting with lenore after death
What is the plot?
the speaker's chamber at midnight on a cold dreary night in December
What ia the setting?
Details such as "darkness", "midnight dreary", "fantastic terrors", and "omnious bird", as well as details about the speaker's distress, create a haunting mysterious mood that reflects Romanticism's dark side
Which details contribute to the mood of this poem, and how do they illustrate the dark side of Romanticism?
Death, loss, suffering, sorrow, evil, memory of death and loss; our worst nightmares
What does the Raven Symbolize or represent in this poem?
Like death, loss, and suffering, the raven is part of the speaker's life and will remain so. The raven casts a shadow on the speaker's life and seems to threaten the speaker. He comes unexpectedly and acts as it pleases without any concern for the effect it has on others.
What theme or main idea do you think this symbolizes?