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  1. Inciting Events
  2. Novel of ideas
  3. Third Person Omniscient
  4. Hamartia (Tragic Flaw)
  5. Exposition
  1. a the event(s) that triggers the conflict.
  2. b Point of view in which an all-knowing narrator who is privy to the thoughts and actions of any or all characters.
  3. c a novel in which the examination of intellectual issues and concepts takes precedence over characterization or a traditional storyline
  4. d A character flaw that causes the downfall or death of a person of high rank/status
  5. e A narrative device, often used at the beginning of a work that provides necessary background information about the characters and their circumstances.

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  1. involving opposing forces within a person's mind.
  2. A character who embodies a single quality and who does not develop in the course of a story
  3. the perspective from which a story is told
  4. A moment of sudden revelation or insight
  5. literally means "beyond fiction". This novel type self-conciously addresses the devices of fiction exposing the fictional illusion.

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  1. Rising ActionA series of events that builds from the conflict.


  2. UnitySequence of events in a story


  3. SettingThe context in time and place in which the action of a story occurs.


  4. Denouement/ Resolutionthe point when the conflict is resolved and remaining loose ends are tied up


  5. Round Charactercharacter with many personality traits (many details given). A character who demonstrates some complexity and who develops or changes in the course of a work


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