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  1. Historical Novel
  2. Plot
  3. Rising Action
  4. Inciting Events
  5. Sociological Novel
  1. a Sequence of events in a story
  2. b emphasizes the influence of economic and social conditions on characters and events and often embodies an implicit thesis for social reform.
  3. c the event(s) that triggers the conflict.
  4. d A series of events that builds from the conflict.
  5. e full-length fiction book, using historical facts as its basis for plot or setting, but including imaginary characters and dialogue.

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  1. A need or desire that energizes and directs behavior
  2. is all the parts are related to one central idea or organizing principle. Thus, unity is dependent upon coherence.
  3. a novel in which the examination of intellectual issues and concepts takes precedence over characterization or a traditional storyline
  4. Narrator sees the world through only one characters eyes and thoughts.
  5. The narrator is an outsider who can report only what he or she sees and hears. This narrator can tell us what is happening, but he can't tell us the thoughts of the characters.

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  1. Third Person OmniscientPoint of view in which an all-knowing narrator who is privy to the thoughts and actions of any or all characters.


  2. Internal Conflictinvolving opposing forces within a person's mind.


  3. Dynamic CharacterA character who grows, learns, or changes as a result of the story's action


  4. Round Charactercharacter with many personality traits (many details given). A character who demonstrates some complexity and who develops or changes in the course of a work


  5. Flat CharacterA character that does not change from the beginning of the story to the end