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Effective speech

Bar Graph
Best suited for showing comparisons between two or more items.
..Bar Graph
If you wanted to compare the number of men and the number of women who earned bachelor's degrees in engineering, science, and the humanities in 2010, you would probably use a
If you wanted to compare the military spending of the United States to that of eight other nations, what type of visual aid should you probably use?
Using Visual aid in his persuasive speech
Limit the video to about 30 seconds in length
Edit the video to illustrate his point clearly and precisely
Make sure the video will project clearly on a large screen or monitor
Should only be used where it is needed to communicate your ideas
Guidelines for preparing visual aids
Keep visual aids simple
After she is finished speaking
Elisa is giving a speech in women's athletics and has brought petition for her listeners to sign. When should she circulate the petition?
T/F If the object you want to speak about is too large, too small, or unavailable to use as a visual aid, you have little choice but to change the topic of your speech
T/F Models are the best type of visual aid for presenting statistical information
T/F Giddyup would be a good font to use for a PowerPoint slide in a speech about horse racing
T/F Using the same color scheme for all your PowerPoint slides is one way to make the slides look unified and professional
T/F Visual aids should usually be displayed from the left side of the lectern
T/F when your are giving an audience material to take home from a speech, you should usually distribute the material in the middle of your speech
Impromptu response
State the point he is answering,
state the point he wishes to make,
maintain eye contact with the audience,
use signposts to help the audience keep track of his ideas
Advantages of extemporaneous delivery
It encourages a conversational quality in a speaker's delivery
It allows greater spontaneity than does speaking from a manuscript
A speech that sounds spontaneous to the audience no matter how many times it has been rehearsed has a strong ____ quality
Changes in the pitch or tone of a speaker's voice
Role of professional appearance
A speaker's professional appearance should be in keeping with the occasion of the speech
Conducting a question and answer session
View the session as one more opportunity to communicate your ideas
Question and answer session
when conducting this view the session as one more opportunity to communicate your ideas
T/F an extemporaneous speech is delivered with little or no immediate preparation
T/F A speaker always sounds louder to a listener than to the speaker
T/F Most people reorganize and understand about the same number of words in reading as occur in spontaneous speech
T/F most people recognize and understand about the same number of words in reading as occur in spontaneous speech
T/F Poor eye contact during a speech can make you lose the attention of your audience
T/F In most cases, the question and answer session has little impact on an audience's response to a speech