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Name the present day states that made up the New England Colonies.

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Conneticut and Rhode Island.
acronym--(M,V,NH,M,C, RI)

Name the present day states that made up the Middle Colonies.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
acronym--(NY, NJ, P, D)

The Middle Colonies attracted people from where?

Many countries and many religious backgrounds.

As English colonies grew--WHO continued to control the New Netherlands?

The Dutch

Who decided that the New Netherlands should-- BE MADE PART OF THE ENGLISH COLONIES?

King Charles II

The colonies of New Netherland and New York were combined and named what? For whom?

New York---- for the---- Duke of York.

What did Willam Penn receive from the King of England?

A CHARTER for a new colony---A PROPRIETARY COLONY.--Penn could own and rule this colony.

What was Penn's new colony named?

Pennsylvania----(means)---"Penn's woods".

What "society" did Penn belong to?

Society of Friends.

What was the "Society of Friends"?

A religious grop also know as QUAKERS.

What were Penn's beliefs for his colony?

1.) Freedom of Religion
2.) In Pennslyvania they could worship as they pleased.
3)They could have other freedoms: freedom of speech, and the right to trial by jury.

What attracted many settlers to Pennsylvania?

Cheap land and the promise of religious freedom.

Penn also founded-- Philiadelphia---what does this word mean?


Many immigrants sailed into the port of Philidelphia--Where was this port?

Delaware River

What did most immigrants do, for a living, that settled in the Pennsylvania and other Middle Atlantic Colonies?

Farmed (Fruit, Vegetables, and many kind of Grains)

What were the Middle Atlantic Colonies known for-- and called?

Known for crops for making bread and were called the "BREAD BASKET COLONIES".

What would the farmers do, after harvest ,in the MIDDLE ATLANTIC COLONIES?

Take extra crops to market towns and trade their crops for imports.

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