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  1. Chemical Changes
  2. Separate into components by chemical means
  3. Extensive
  4. Mass
  5. C 12 H 12 O 11
  1. a Compounds
  2. b Depends on amount
  3. c Quantity of matter contained by an object.
  4. d Changes that alter the composition of the matter.
  5. e Compound

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  1. Simplest form of matter and serves as building blocks for all the more complex substances.
  2. Energy in Motion, or energy that is being transferred.
  3. Anything that occupies space and has mass
  4. Heterogeneous
  5. Characteristics that determine how the composition of matter changes

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  1. Table SugarHomogenous


  2. Potential EnergyStored Energy


  3. Oil and Vinegar Salad DressingLaw of Conservation of Mass


  4. HeterogeneousMatter that is non uniform throughout


  5. EndothermicHeat is absorbed