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  1. Sugar and Coffee dissolved in water
  2. Apple Juice
  3. Chemical properties
  4. Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing
  5. Weight
  1. a Characteristics that determine how the composition of matter changes
  2. b Homogenous
  3. c Homogeneous
  4. d Force with which an object of a certain mass is attracted by gravity to the earth.
  5. e Heterogeneous

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  1. Compounds
  2. Homogenous
  3. Pure substance that contain two or more elements chemically combined in fixed proportion.
  4. Heterogenous
  5. Matter that is non uniform throughout

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  1. HomogeneousMatter that is non uniform throughout


  2. Chemical ChangesChanges that alter the composition of the matter.


  3. MassQuantity of matter contained by an object.


  4. ExtensiveNature of Material


  5. Potential EnergyEnergy in Motion, or energy that is being transferred.