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  1. Table Sugar
  2. Element
  3. Homogeneous
  4. Antoine Lavoisier
  1. a Matter that is uniform throughout
  2. b Law of Conservation of Mass
  3. c Homogenous
  4. d Simplest form of matter and serves as building blocks for all the more complex substances.

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  1. Matter that is non uniform throughout
  2. Force with which an object of a certain mass is attracted by gravity to the earth.
  3. Homogeneous
  4. Heat is released
  5. Characteristics that determine how the composition of matter changes

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  1. Physical PropertiesThe characteristics of matter that can be observed without changing its composition


  2. Kinetic EnergyStored Energy


  3. Cl 2Element


  4. ExtensiveNature of Material


  5. IntensiveNature of Material


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