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  1. Intensive
  2. Endothermic
  3. Matter
  4. Mass
  5. Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing
  1. a Heterogeneous
  2. b Heat is absorbed
  3. c Nature of Material
  4. d Quantity of matter contained by an object.
  5. e Anything that occupies space and has mass

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  1. Homogeneous
  2. Heterogenous
  3. Heterogeneous
  4. Heat is released
  5. Matter that is non uniform throughout

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  1. Potential EnergyEnergy in Motion, or energy that is being transferred.


  2. Caesar SaladHomogenous


  3. Chemical ChangesChanges that alter the state or appearance of the matter without altering the composition


  4. Cl 2Quantity of matter contained by an object.


  5. ExtensiveNature of Material