Chapter 14 (Social Studies) People in a Growing Country


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How did the growth of democracy in the United States help Andrew Jackson?
Jackson was elected by the frontier people who had gained the right to vote.
The right to vote.
A person running for political office.
How were Native Americans removed from the Southeast?
Most Native Americans were forced by the U.S. Army to march west, while some left their homelands peacefully.
Industrial Revolution
The name given to the great changes that began in England with a series of inventions in the middle and late 1700s.
How did the design of mills begin in the United States?
Samuel Slater brought the design the mills in his head when he came to America.
Why were many mills built in New England?
There were many waterfalls in New England to provide power for the mills.
The inventor of both the cotton gin and interchangeable parts was....
Eli Whitney
Interchangeable Parts
A part that fits right into each thing being made in a factory, without having to be changed or adjusted.
Mass Production
The making of goods in large quantities, using interchangeable parts and an assembly line.
A person who managed the field workers for the plantation owner.
How did the economies of the North and the South differ?
The North's economy was industrial, and the South's economy was agricultural.
What effect did the invention of the cotton gin have on slavery?
The invention of the cotton gin made it very profitable to grow cotton, and many slaves were needed in the South where cotton was grown.
What was an abolitionist?
Someone who fought against slavery.
Run-down apartment buildings
What was the Underground Railroad?
A secret network of men and women who led enslaved workers to freedom.
Who was Sojourner Truth?
An African American woman who fought against slavery and for women's rights.
The decision to drink little alcohol or note at all.
A waterway that is made by people.
What does a circle and a line graph allow you to do?
A circle graph allows you to compare information, while a line graph helps you see changes over time.