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World History Chapter 4 Test: Judaism

chapter 4 review study guide questions

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Who founded Judaism?
Is Judaism a polytheistic religion?
No, it is the first monotheistic religion
What book do Jews worship?
What is the Torah?
first 5 books of the Old Testament of the Bible
Which God do Jews worship?
God the Father (Yahweh)
What did God choose Abraham to be?
father of the Hebrew people
What did Abraham believe all living things experience?
old age, sickness, and death
What do Jews believe religious life offers?
escape from the sufferings of life
What is a covenant?
promise between God and Abraham
What did the covenant entail?
Hebrews promised to obey Abraham
God promised to protect Abraham and his descendants
How were the Hebrew people treated by the Egyptians?
treated as slaves
What is the most important holiday of the Jewish faith?
What does Passover celebrate?
Hebrews fleeing Egypt and escaping slavery
Who led the Hebrews out of Egypt?
Why did Moses speak to God at Mount Sinai?
God gave Moses the ten commandments to serve as the moral code for the Hebrews
When the Hebrews arrived in Canaan, how did they organize?
into 12 tribes that would be self-governed
What do Jews believe women should do?
raise children and provide moral leadership
Were women allowed to hold religious roles with the Jewish community?
What is the moral code of Judaism that regulates social behavior?
ten commandments
What is ethical monotheism?
Hebrews had a duty to worship God and live by his commandments
When the Hebrews arrived in Canaan, what did the Philistines do?
challenged the Hebrews for the land in Palestine and killing all tribes, but Judah
What did Hebrews come to be as a result of the tribe of Judah surviving?
came to be called Jews and their religion would be Judaism
Who was the first king of the Jews?
What achievements did Saul have?
united the tribes
named the Kingdom Israel
Who became king after Saul's death?
What achievement did David have?
established the capitol of Jerusalem
Who became king after David's death?
What achievements did Solomon have?
built a temple to glorify God and serve as a home to place the ten commandments
built a royal palace
Why did the Jewish people become upset with Solomon?
building projects were costly requiring him to raise taxes straining the economy
How did Solomon get the building projects completed?
forced his people to work on building them one out of every three months without pay
What happened after Solomon's death?
northern part of the kingdom revolted causing Israel to be in the north and Judah in the south
Who attacked and destroyed the Jewish kingdom after the kingdom separated?
Who destroyed the Assyrians and Solomon's temple?
What is Talmud?
laws governing ceremonies
What is the place of worship for the Jews?
What is the symbol of Judaism?
Star of David
What is a Jewish religious leader called?
When is the Jewish Sabbath?
dusk Friday to dusk Saturday
What is Yom Kippur?
celebration of the Jewish Day of Atonement
What does Hannakuh celebrate?
Rededication of the temple and the victory over the Syrians
What does Purim celebrate?
Survival of the Jews by Persian rulers
What are the 3 classes of the Jewish faith?
1. Orthodox
2. Conservative
3. Reform
Which social class of Judaism is strict?
Orthodox wears skull caps and follow a kosher diet
Which social class of Judaism is the most lenient?
Reform Jews have no restrictions on worship