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Ennglish Holocaust Paper

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11-1.5 million people died (6 million Jews)
Hitler promised riches to dominant race.
9/1/1939- Germany invaded Poland
Hitlers army was called "SS"
Auschwitz- 6,728 acres (5,000 football fields, 1/2 Manhattan.
1945- war almost over.
Elie was 15 years old and from Sighet, Hungary.
# of trains to death camps multiplied.
100 people packed into a single car, no food, water, toilet, little air, for up to 10 days."
"Each time I come, I try not to speak for a day or two or three and just to go back and find the silence that was in me then. And then I say to myself, 'how many of us did not live and simply vanished?'"
"The imensity of the place, it's a universe, and when you think of the numbers, a million, a million and a half people, just think a country or a city that has a million and a half inhabitants, and simply vanishes."
"I come here and I try to see the invisible and try to hear the inaudible, and I always see what I had seen the last time I was here."
"Some voices are still here. I think that the souls are still here, and they listen, they cry, they warn."
"This is the largest cemetary in recorded history. And what do you see? Nothing. But, the cemetary is in our heart."
"I remember the first impression I had when I came, when we came. It was at night, midnight, and it was with all of the lights on. Projecters, dogs, shepherds, german shepards, SS with machine guns, but the vastness, the vastness of the whole place. And we didn't know, that's the main thing. We had no idea what Auschwitz was. I never heard the word Auschwitz. Nobody knew what it meant. Look, had we known, we would have run into the forest."
"There were fires, the crematorium was just throwing its flames in the sky. I thought first of all of Mrs. Schachte, with the flames, who saw the flames, saw fire.
"I had a very strange idea, I was thinking 'maybe it's the end of history', and I thought 'maybe it's the end of Jewish History', and then I thought 'maybe it means the end of times."
Site of largest mass murder in the history of mankind. A factory of death.
Gas chambers could kill thousands of people at a time.
1944-8,600 Jews were being taken to Auschwitz in cattle cars each day.
Birkeneau had 4 gas chambers.
They were told they were getting showers.
Death took 15 minutes and felt like suffocation.
Officers got to watch it happen.
Special unit Jews burned bodies.
Crematorium #3 in birkeneau was probably where Tzipora and Elie's mother died.
Nazi's tried to burn cramtorium to hide the evidence. They failed.