17 terms

7th Grade Chapter 4 Social Studies Test

the set of beliefs, values and practices that a group of people have in common
culture trait
an activity or behavior in which people often take part
culture region
an area in which people have may shared culture traits
ethnic group
a group of people who share a common culture and ancestry
cultural diversity
having a variety of cultures in the same area
cultural diffusion
the spread of culture traits from one region to another
people moving from one place to another
the total number of people in a given area
population density
a measure of the number of people living in an area
the annual number of births per 1000 people
death rate
the annual number of deaths per 1000 people
the movement of people to move from one place to live in another
a from of government in which the people elect leaders and rule by majority
ruled directly by a king or queen, the head of a royal family
a type of government in which a single, powerful ruler has total control
the political system in which the goverment owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country
economic indicators
measures a country's wealth, to decide if a country is developed or developing