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World History Chapter 6 Test: Christianity

world history chapter 6 review study guide questions

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Who took control of the Jewish kingdom around 4 A.D.?
Roman Empire
What did the Jews believe God would do to free them from the Roman Empire?
send them the Messiah (Savior)
Who was born around 4 B.C. that many Jews believed was the Messiah?
Jesus of Nazareth
When was Christianity founded?
Around 27 A.D. when Jesus began his public ministry
What were 3 things Jesus did to teach the good news?
preached, did good works, performed miracles
What did the teachings of Jesus focus on?
belief in one god and the ten commandments
Who did Jesus teach the people to love?
Love God the Father
Love your neighbor
Love your enemies
Love yourself
What did Jesus teach God would do for the world?
end the wickedness of the world and establish an eternal kingdom for those who are sorry for their mistakes
What did the Christians worship?
New testament of the Bible written by the apostles
Who were the apostles?
disciples of Jesus
What did the Roman and Jewish leaders do to Jesus to address his popularity?
crucified him for blasphemy
What is the world's largest religion?
Who had a large influence on Christianity's early development?
How was Christianity able to grow?
welcomed Jews and Gentiles
What are martyrs?
people who accepted death for the sake of following the teachings of Jesus
Give 5 reasons Christianity was able to spread?
1. embraced all people
2. gave hope to the powerless
3. appealed to those rebelling against the Roman Empire
4. offered a personal relationship with God
5. promised eternal life with God
What role did Constantine play in the development of Christianity?
prayed the night before battle and put crosses on the shields of the soldiers for protection.
What did Constantine do after they won the battle?
made Christianity the approved religion of the emperor and ended persecution of Christians
What are the 3 groups of Christianity?
1. Roman Catholic
2. Eastern Orthodox
3. Protestant
What are 5 Protestant faiths?
Lutheran, Methodist, Baptixt, Presbyterian, Epispocal
What are 5 examples of Christian worship?
baptism, communion, praying, singing, and sermon
What is the catholic teacher called?
What is the trinity?
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
What are the Epistles?
letters written by Paul
What are the Gospels?
Stories Jesus used for morals
What is Salvation?
Jesus death and resurrection
What is the moral code of Christianity?
Ten Commandments
What is the symbol of Christianity?
What does Easter celebrate?
resurrection of Jesus
What does Lent celebrate?
remembrance of Easter
What does Christmas celebrate?
Birth of Jesus
What does Pentecost celebrate?
Birth of Christianity
7 Sundays after Easter