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# of Symptoms for Separation Anxiety Disorder
3 symptoms
Length of time for Separation Anxiety Disorder
4 weeks
# of Symptoms for Substance Abuse Disorder
2 symptoms
Length of time for Substance Abuse Disorder
12 months
Characteristic of Specific Phobia
fear of object/situation
Length of time for Specific Phobia
6 months
# of symptoms for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
1 symptom in children
Length of time for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
6 months
# of Symptoms for Panic Disorder
Length of time for Panic Disorder
1 month
# of settings for Agoraphobia
2 or more settings
Length of time for Agoraphobia
6 months
Characteristic for Bipolar I
Mania for 1 week/hospitalization
# of symptoms for Bipolar I
3 symptoms, 4 if irritable
Characteristic of Bipolar II
hypomania (4 days) and depressive episode
Length of time for Cyclothymic
1 year of hypomania and depressive symptoms, not without symptoms for 2 months
# of outbursts per week/ length of time for DMDD
3 times a week for 12 months, not without symptoms for 3 months
# of settings for DMDD
2 of 3 settings
Age range and onset of DMDD
not before 6 or after 18, onset 10
# of symptoms/ length of time for MDD
5 symptoms, 2 weeks
Characteristics of MDD
No mania or hypomania
Length of time or Dysthymia
1 year, not without symptoms for 2 months
# of symptoms of Dysthymia
2 symptoms
Symptom break down for PTSD 6
1 intrusion
1 avoidance and negative cognition
2 alternations in arousal and reactivity
Length of time for PTSD 6
1 month
DMDD Prevalence
DMDD onset
onset before 10
MDD prevalence
MDD Onset
Dysthymia Prevalence
1% children, 5% adolescents
Dysthymia onset
Dysthymia average episode
2-5 years