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  1. Natural pH of hair
  2. Endothermic waves
  3. Texturizers change the hair's natural curl pattern by...
  4. Medium hair
  5. Medula
  1. a Activated by an outside heat source like a conventional hood type dryer
  2. b Most common hair texture; does not pose any problems or concerns
  3. c Raising the pH of the hair to an alkaline state in order to soften and swell the hair shaft. This action lifts the cuticle and allows the solution to reach the cortex and restructure the hair.
  4. d Often called the pith or core of the hair and does not play a role in structuring or restructuring the hair.
  5. e 4.5 - 5.5

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  1. Directly involved in the texture or movement of the hair.
  2. Base placement
  3. Thio
  4. Section hair into panels
  5. Create an exothermic chemical reaction that heats up the solution and speeds up the processing

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  1. PorosityThe middle layer of the hair; responsible for the strength and elasticity of the hair.


  2. Glyceryl monothioglycolateAn acid with a low pH and is the primary reducing agent in all modern acid waves


  3. Especially at an alkaline pH1 end paper placed over top of hair being wrapped


  4. Half off base placementHair is wrapped at a 90 degree angle or straight out from the center of the section; minimizes stress and tension on the hair


  5. Most common neutralizerRebuilds disulfide bonds by removing the extra hydrogen atoms.