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  1. Single flat wrap
  2. Texture
  3. Elasticity of the hair determines its ability to
  4. Double flat wrap
  5. Ammonia-free waves
  1. a Use an ingredient that does not evaporate as readily as ammonia; low odor with use
  2. b 1 end paper placed over top of hair being wrapped
  3. c The diameter of a hair strand
  4. d Use two end papers. Place one under and one over the strand of hair being wrapped. Both papers extend past the hair ends.
  5. e Hold curl

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  1. Hair streams, whorls and cowlicks
  2. Raising the pH of the hair to an alkaline state in order to soften and swell the hair shaft. This action lifts the cuticle and allows the solution to reach the cortex and restructure the hair.
  3. Loop or circle rod
  4. Mix 1 oz of 20v peroxide with 20 drops of 20% ammonia. Immerse 20+ strands of hair n the solution for 30 minutes. Slight lightening = no metallic salts. Rapid lightening and foul smell = metallic salts
  5. Better solution penetration and tighter curl near scalp

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  1. In permanent waving, most of the processing takes place as soon as the solutionPenetrates the hair - within the first 5 to 10 minutes


  2. The most common type of perm rod; have a smaller diameter in the center that increases to a larger circumference on the endsSoft bender rods


  3. Resistant hair may not...Either the addition of hydrogen or the removal of oxygen


  4. On base placementHair is wrapped 45 degree beyond perpendicular to its base section


  5. Over processed hairusually more resistant to processing