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  1. Five most important factors to consider in a hair analysis:
  2. Off base placement
  3. pH means...
  4. Medium hair
  5. Metallic Salt Test
  1. a Potential of hydrogen
  2. b Most common hair texture; does not pose any problems or concerns
  3. c Mix 1 oz of 20v peroxide with 20 drops of 20% ammonia. Immerse 20+ strands of hair n the solution for 30 minutes. Slight lightening = no metallic salts. Rapid lightening and foul smell = metallic salts
  4. d Hair is wrapped at a 45 degree angle below the center of the base section; creates the least amount of volume and results in a curl pattern that begins farthest away from the scalp.
  5. e 1. Texture
    2. Density
    3. Porosity
    4. Elasticity
    5. Growth direction

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  1. a. Exactly what the client expects
    b. What is possible
  2. compounds made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen
  3. Often called the pith or core of the hair and does not play a role in structuring or restructuring the hair.
  4. 1941
  5. Concave rods

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  1. True acid wavesRequire heat to speed up processing


  2. Chemical texture services include...a. Permanent waving
    b. Relaxing
    c. curl re-forming


  3. Over processing usually occurs when?Within the first 5-10 minutes of the service


  4. When rinsing the hairUse a gentle stream of warm water


  5. Wet hair with normal elasticity can stretch up to what percentage of its original length, then return to the same length without breaking?Hold curl