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  1. Texture
  2. Half off base placement
  3. pH of most alkaline waves
  4. Chemical texture services include...
  5. Reduction reaction
  1. a a. Permanent waving
    b. Relaxing
    c. curl re-forming
  2. b Hair is wrapped at a 90 degree angle or straight out from the center of the section; minimizes stress and tension on the hair
  3. c Either the addition of hydrogen or the removal of oxygen
  4. d The diameter of a hair strand
  5. e 9.0 - 9.6

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  1. Tough exterior layer of the hair; surrounds the inner layers and protects the hair from damage.
  2. Softens and swells the hair, raising the cuticle, permitting solution to penetrate cortex
  3. Solution
  4. Solution breaks down the disulfide bonds through a reduction reaction
  5. Thicker and fuller

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  1. Glyceryl monothioglycolateAn acid with a low pH and is the primary reducing agent in all modern acid waves


  2. During a scalp analysis, look for...Become fully saturated with just one application of waving solution


  3. Strength of any permanent wave is based on the concentration of itsReducing agent


  4. Medium hairMost common hair texture; does not pose any problems or concerns


  5. Reducing agent used in permanent waving solutionsThio