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  1. pH scale measures...
  2. Usually about 12" long with a uniform diameter along the entire length and a stiff wire that allows them to bend into almost any shape
  3. If there are minor skin abrasions or scalp disease...
  4. Components of exothermic waves
  5. Client release forms DO NOT
  1. a Release the school or salon from all responsibility for any damages that may occur.
  2. b DO NOT PROCEED with the chemical texture services
  3. c Solution, activator, and neutralizer
  4. d The acidity and alkalinity of a substance
  5. e Soft bender rods

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  1. Overly porous
  2. Wrap in the natural direction of hair growth
  3. Thio
  4. Uniform curl along the entire width of the strand
  5. Reducing agent

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  1. The degree of porosity is directly related to the condition of theReducing agent


  2. ElasticityMeasures the number of hairs per square inch on the head to determine whether a client has fine, medium or thick hair.


  3. Under processed hairHair is curly at the scalp and straight at the ends


  4. True acid waves have a pH betweenSection hair into panels


  5. An indication of the strength of the side bonds that hold the individual fibers of the hair in placeElasticity


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