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a naturally occurring inorganic solid with a distinct chemical composition and
crystalline structure


the property of a mineral that describes the quality or appearance of light reflected
from its surface


the property of a mineral that describes an irregular pattern of breakage in a
direction other than along cleavage planes


the tendency of a mineral to split along planes of its crystalline structure where
bonds are weakest


a mineral consisting of a metal element combined with sulfur


the property of a mineral that describes its color in powdered form


a solid substance in which the atoms or ions are arranged in an orderly pattern that
repeats over and over again


the study of minerals and their properties


a metallic element that can be separated from its surrounding rock and sold for profit

rock-forming mineral

a specific group of minerals known to form a rock

silica tetrahedron

a grouping of one silica ion and four oxygen ions that forms the basic
building block of a silicate


any mineral that has its building block a tetrahedron of silicon and oxygen


a nonsilicate mineral that has as its major building block one carbon atom
covalently bonded to three oxygen atoms

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