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What are the levels of organization in the human body
cells tissues organs and organ system
the basic structural and functional unit of all living things
Describe a cells size
Cells carry on the process that...
Keeps organisms alive
What is a tissue?
A group of similar cells that perform the same function
What is the muscle tissues function?
movement by contracting and shorting
What is the nerve tissue function
Sends signals from brain too any part of the body
What is the connective tissues function
Connects and supports body parts
What is the epithelial tissue function
Covers inside and outside of your body
Example of muscle tissue
Example of nerve tissue
Brain spinal cord nerve
Example of connective tissue
Blood and fat
Example of epithelial tissue
What is an organ
A structure that is made up of different kinds of tissue
What bone protects the brain?
An organ has a specific job that is...
More complex than tissue
What kind of tissue are found in the heart
All four
What is a organ system
A group of organs that work together to preform major functions
a process by which an organisms internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes in external environment is called
How do eating and drinking maintain homeostasis
Provide substances the body needs
What are 5 major functions of the skeleton
Provides shape and support
Enables you to move
protects internal organs
Produces blood cells
Stores certain materials until your body needs them
What is the center of the skeleton
The 26 small bones that make up the center of the skeleton
How does the skeleton help the body move
Muscles pull your bones to move
What protects the brain
The long bones of the arms and legs make
Blood cells
Calcium and phosphorus are _______ that make bones strong and hard
Bones are very _______________and______________
Strong and lightweight
Bones are hard because?
They contain materials
When do bone cells form new bone tissue?
The bones absorb the force of your weight, heals broken bones, and during growth
What are the bones made of
Compact bone, bone marrow, spongy bone, and outer membrane
A connective tissue that is more flexible than bone is called______
What is a place in the body where two bones come together
What kind two kinds of joints in the body
Immovable and movable
What are bones held together by immovable joints
What allows the arm to a circle motion
What allows extensive forward and backward motion
What allows one bone to rotate around other
What is one bone to slide over another
As the body grows the cartilage in the skeleton is replaced with...
Hard bone tissue
Cartilage covers...
The ends of many bones in the body of an adult
Where is the ball and socket
Where is the Hinge
Leg and knee
Where is the Pivot
Where is the gliding
Wrist and ankles