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Chapter 2 Religion Test - Oct - Old Testament

The Torah consists of X number of books from where?
It consists of the first 5 books of the Old Testament.
The Torah is also called the ____
The Torah contains what?
the Ten Commandments and other laws that guide people to live in God's covenant.
How many books are in the Historical books?
16 books
What is in the Historical Books?
It contains stories about how the Israelites live the Covenant.
What do the Historical Books reveal?
They reveal that God was always faithful to his people.
How may books are in the Wisdom Books
What do the Wisdom Books teach us?
They teach us ways to live God's law.
What do the Wisdom books contain?
They contain short sayings and longer stories.
How many books are in the Prophetic Books?
What do the Prophetic Books contain?
They contain the teachings of the prophets whom God sent to the Israelites to help them live with faith and hope through hard times.
Who are the Prophets in the Prophetic Books?
Prophets are people chosen by God to speak in his name.