Mideveil Times

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Where were towns located and why?
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How were jews often mistreated in medieval Europe?-hard to make a living -Victims of violence -Rulers took their propertyWhat did towns of medieval towns look like?-Made from wood and straw -Wealthy largerWhy were homes of most town dwellers uncomfortable?-Many families lives in one house-Crowded -Cold,smokey,and dark -fireplaces were only light and heatWhy was growing up in medieval towns difficult?1/2 of the children died before the age of 7 -Age 7 already preparing for adulthoodHow were the lives of medieval girls different from those of modern girls?-married early as 12 -Educated at homework such as cooking -only wealthy families had the choice for art and musicHow did unhealthy living conditions and limited medical knowledge affect life in medieval times?-Unhealthy living -Lack of knowing how diseases are spreadWhat were some common diseases in medieval Europe?-Leprosy -measles -black death -scarlet feverWhat were some common practices used by medieval Europe?Using herbs "bleeding patients"-Blood lettingWhat group was sometimes blamed when an outbreak of the disease occurred?The Jews were accused. Also accused of poisoning the wellsWhy were towns in medieval Europe dangerous places?-Noisy and crowded -Pickpockets and thieveswhat were two methods for deciding guilt or innocence of accused criminals in the early middle ages?-Trial by ordeal-Dangerous test -Trial by combat- Had to fight to liveWhat were some ways criminals were punished in medieval times?-Fined or put in stocks -Hung or burnedHow did the way in which those accused of crimes were treated begin to improve in the 12th century?Common lawWhat were some games that were popular with children in medieval Europe?Dolls and toysWhat were some leisure activities enjoyed by adults in medieval Europe?Religious feasts Fair days -including jugglers,dancers, and clownsWhat was the difference between mystery plays and miracle plays?One acted out bible stories and other dramatized the lives of saintsHow did the churches attitude towards the miracle and mystery plays differ from that of most townspeople?The church's eventually disapproved of them but people still enjoyed them.