SAT Vocab List 7

a go-between, someone acting between two persons/entities
Meg tried to act as an intermediary to resolve the labor dispute, but neither side listened to her.
The judge was intermediary during the case.
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having a big appetite; very eager; greedy Big Al, known for his voracious appetite, can eat half a dozen pizzas by himself. The T-Rex was a voracious creature.Voracious; adjectiveto pull back; to take back The suspect retracted his statement of innocence when the D.A. offered him immunity. I retracted my hand as I was cocking my gun.Retract; verbsloppy; untidy; careless Cal's room is neat as a pin, but his slovenly sister Sal's room is a mess. Slovenly people tend to be unsuccessful.Slovenly; adjectiveto yield; to die After sticking to his diet all day, Tom finally succumbed to fudge cake a la mode. Most people succumb after going on a diet.Succumb; verbto disprove; to prove wrong Liz did her best to refute Amy's story, but she was never able to prove Amy wrong. Pople refute to listen to elders as they grow up.Refute; verb

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