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to seize on/upon
v. to use, accept, or take advantage of something quickly or enthusiastically.

The story was ______ by the tabloid press, who printed it under huge headlines.
educational attainment
n. highest degree level achieved

Figure 1 shows average earnings by _________ in 2000.
a telling impact
n. having important effect

customer service has ________ on tourism
a benefit is swamped by numerous drawbacks
v. drawbacks / outweigh / benefit
to shoulder the burden of childcare / the blame
v. to accept a difficult or unpleasant responsibility
to rub salt in the wound
v. make a situation worse
to redress a scourge
v. to correct a harmful situation
to raise a troubling concern
v. result in a problem
The onus is on the government to do ST
sen. the government should be responsible for doing ST
to shift the onus for ST onto SB
v. to push the responsibility to SB
to flag down a motorist
v. to signal a motorist to stop
the memories flooded back
sen. the memories came back to you
to be full of piss and vinegar
v. brim with energy
to stiffen competition / a penalty / a resolve
v. make ST more severe
to trend downward
v. decrease
to grow at the vertiginous rate of 10%
v. to increase so fast
you'd better be back here pronto!
sen. back here immediately
Physical health is inextricably linked to mental health.
sen. physical vs. mental
This is not to denigrate the Internet. Rather, I would like to evaluate all its potentials and weaknesses fairly.
sen. not to diss the Internet
As we navigate our lives...
sen. as we live our lives...
My mother is kinda voluble.
sen. a talkative woman
There is never a dull moment when you are near him.
sen. say it when you're near a fun guy
adj. unconventional
Laws governing aborting needs to be stricter
sen. law / aborting / stricter
invariably helpful
adj. always helpful
to populate the mind / slip away from the mind
v. fill with one's mind
She's a very wealthy woman in her own right.
sen. she made her own wealth
to be within a stone throw from / in close proximity to ST
phr. near ST
to be wanting in ST
phr. lack ST
to put a strain on the resources
phr. create too many problems for resources
to share a similar sentiment regarding ST
phr. to have the same opinion about ST
to have universal access to free university education
phr. everyone enjoys a free ride to university
instrumental music learning is being left to decay to the point that ...
sen. music learning / so bad in quality / that
genetic predisposition
n. inborn tendencies
to be cognisant of ST
adj. to be aware of ST
Hard work is the gateway to success.
sen. hard work / success
the sharing economy
n. an economic model defined as a P2P based activity
The area where I grew up has been all modernized and gentrified, and has lost all its old character.
sen. area / modernised / lost
to pass / reach the tipping point in terms of ST
sen. to go past the time at which an effect cannot be stopped
to be all things to all people
v. to do things that will please everyone
a moratorium on ST
n. a stopping of an activity for an agreed amount of time.
the glue that binds us together.
n. ST that helps people get together
The suggested tactics don't work or make you feel icky and awkward.
sen. tactics / just don't work / not useful
to be embedded in (ST)
v. to be an integral part of ST
to put the brakes on (ST)
v. stop an activity (brake)
tropical print / Hawaiian shirts
to pale into insignificance when compared with
v. less important compared with
to serve as a salutary lesson to young readers
v. a good (though it seems unwelcoming) lesson for
adj. powerful, true to life, not affected by emotions
to go potty
v. to go crazy
to pour cold water on
v. to discourage