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Victory in the punic wars made rome the what of the mediterranean
Roman civilization is responsible for the preservation of what major culture
Aqueducts, baths, market place
What are the major contributions to western civilization given by the romans
Judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one's own culture
What is ethnocentrism
Provide an example of cultural diffusion in the Roman Empire
Spread of slavery, migration of small farmers, new health caused corruption, constant civil wars, civil war, devaluation of Roman currency, inflation
List the 7 reasons for the decline of the Roman republic
Monarchy then republic
What kind of government did the Romans have initially
Julius Caesar
Who is manly responsible for the new kind of government after the fall of the republic
Rome and Carthage
Who fought in the Punic Wars?
Who is the major military general fighting for Carthage
Augustus Caesar
Which emperor led the Roman Empire through the Pax Romana
A golden age
What does Pax Romana mean
20 years
How long does the Pax Romana last
What does Octavian change his name to
Princeps, so he didn't get resentment from being called a dictator
How does Octavian refer to himself and why
What religion does the edict of Milan give freedom to
Constantine, Italian city
Who issues the edict of Milan and where
Divide the empire, to save half of it
What does Diocletian do to the Roman Empire and why does he do it
Twelve Tables
What were the laws of Rome called
Where are laws of Rome displayed
Byzantine Empire
What does the eastern half of the Roman empire come to be known as
476 CE
When does Rome fall
In the ancient world France was known as
A source created at the time under study
What is a primary source
Geographic size, economy, military, moral decay, political problems, health, invasion, Germanic invaders were fleeing the nomadic Huns from asia
List the factors contributing to the fall of the Roman Empire
How did the romans connect their empire
a republic
The Roman senate and Roman assembly are associated with which form of Roman government
Greek polytheistic religion
Roman mythology is closely related to
Roman god of war
majority of population farmers, merchants, and artisans wanted political power
Pelebians were
Powerful nobility (few in #); landowners
What city was destroyed in the 3rd Punic War
A state owned farm that is supported by state owned slaves
What was the latifundia
Who worked the latifundia
Higher class
Who benefited the most from the latifundia system
Migrations small farmers
What was one major result of the latifundia system
His military wins granted him respect which led to power
How does Julius Caesar come to power
He came back to Rome with his army
What does he do that is illegal
A civil war
What often took place to determine who the next ruler of Rome would be
Under Julius Caesar the size of the Roman Empire does what
innocent until proven guilty
What is one major concept from Roman law that is still in practice today
Son and incarnation of god
According to Christians Jesus Christ was
Peter and Paul
Who helped Jesus to spread Christianity around the Roman empire
Apostle peter
Who established the first christian church in Rome
Which emperor helped to make Christianity acceptable in rome
All the churches in one area
Leads a diocese
Top 5 bishops
Where is the Roman capital moved
Who is responsible for the move of the capital
What is the capital of Rome renamed
preservation of the Greco-Roman culture
Rome's greatest achievement
The language that United the Roman empire
The Romance languages are based on
Keep order
Law codes were designed to
Aeneid, homer
Virgil wrote what and is often compared to the works of who
The Roman Empire saw Jesus as what
Bosphorus Strait
What is the name of the waterway where europe and Asia meet
What city resides on the Bosphorus strait
Safer, better for trade
Who does Constantine choose to move the Roman capital to Byzantium
land surrounded by water on three sides
What is a peninsula
Where gladiator fights took place
What is the coliseum
Rome, Roman gods
The pantheon is located where and is a temple to who
Africa Asia europe
What continents did the Roman Empire cover