m4 vocab


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Absolute Error
the error found when using the formula |a-x|
Percent Error
the percent of the error found when using the formula
the number of unit squares that can be contained within it
3.14 or 22/7
a comparison of two quantities
a charge or payment amount
the measure of distance around a figure
the measurement of the perimeter of a circle, found using A= pi r 2
Sales Price
the price after any markup or markdown has been applied
Complex Fraction
a fraction in which the numerator and the denominator both contain a fraction
Constant of Proportionality
the constant value of the ratio of two proportional quantities x and y
Discount Price
the new price that is found after all discounts are applied
a statement that the value of two mathematical expressions are equal (indicated by the sign =)
Equivalent Ratios
two or more ratios that are equal in their simplest form
a mathematical phrase that can contain ordinary numbers, variables, and operators
a number between 0 and 1 , expressed with one number, a numerator, on top of another, the denominator
Greatest Common Factor
the highest number that divides exactly into two or more numbers
One to One Correspondence
each element in a set of data corresponds or matched to one and only one other element in a second set of data
original price
The cost of an item before any mark up or mark down is applied
Parts per 100, always measured as a fraction out of 100
A ratio that compares two quantities having different units of measure. (written form)
Rational Numbers
Any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction p/q of two integers
Scale Drawing
A drawing that shows a real object with accurate sizes reduced or enlarged by a certain amount
Scale Factor
The ratio of any two corresponding lengths in two similar geometric figures
Unit Rate
Rates expressed as a quantity of one, ( numerical form)