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Physical activity benefits are greatest for what type of people?

Sedentary to moderate has biggest benefits

To prevent weight gain you must exercise blank minutes a day. To prevent overweight to obese requires blank minutes a day.

60-90 minutes a day. 45-60 minutes a day.

How much exercise is enough?

>12.4 miles a week, > 20 flights of stairs, 150 minutes.

How much resistance muscle strengthening is enough?

2 days/week, 8-10 exercises, 8-12 reps.

Physical activity versus fitness

Activity is any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles. Fitness is physical activity required to improve fitness; structured exercise.

Insufficient PA=? Inactivity=?

More than 10 mins a day but less than recommended. Inactivity<10 mins/week

1 MET (metabolic equivalent)=

3.5 mL O2/kg/min

In METs what is considered light, moderate, vigorous?

Light<3-6 METs, moderate is 3-6 METs, and vigorous >6 METs.

What are recommendations for Low, Moderate, and High risk patients? Is medical exam required prior to onset of exercise?

Low risk-not necessary. MD supervision not necessary.
Moderate Risk: Moderate exercise-Not necessary. Vigorous exercise=med exam recommended. MD recommended for max test.
High=Med exam and MD recommended for all exercise.

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