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World History Chapter 6 Test: Islam

chapter 6 review study guide questions

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Who is the God that Muslims worship?
Who was called by the angel Gabriel to worship Allab?
What did Muhammed come to believe Allah was?
last prophet of God
What are Muslims?
Followers of Muhammed
What does Islam mean?
submission to the will of Allah
What did Arabians fear following Allah would lead to?
neglecting traditional Arabian Gods
What is Hijrah?
When Muhammed left Mecca and migrated to Yatbirth?
Why did Meccans convert to Islam?
Muhammed defeated the Meccans in battle
What does Islam teach?
there is good and evil
people are responsible for their own actions
What are the 5 pillars of Islam?
1. Faith - only one God, Allah
2. Prayer - pray 5 times a day to Mecca
3. alms - supporting the less fortunate
4. Fasting - fast betweem dawn and sunset
5. Pilgrimage - go to Mecca once
What are Muslims forbidden from?
eating pork and drinking intoxicated beverages
When do Muslims worship?
Friday afternoons
What is the Holy book of Islam?
Koran (Muhammed's revelations)
What is the Sharia?
system of law under the Koran
What does Sharia regulate?
family life, moral conduct, and community life
What do Muslims believe awaits us when we die?
heaven or hell
What are the 4 Muslim classes?
1. upper class (Muslim at birth)
2. converts to Islam
3. protected people (Christians, Jews)
4. slaves (prisoners of war)
What do Muslims believe women should do?
submit to men
What do Muslim rulers support?
advancement of science in treating ills
What science are Muslims interested in?
How did Muslims attempt to correct society from the fall of the Roman Empire?
emphasis of study and scholarship
What type of literature are Muslims interested in?
poetry reflecting the spirit of desert life
What Muslim artwork reflects the glory of Allah?
What are 3 Muslim contributions?
medicine, mathematics, astronomy
What does Islamic law believe?
there is no separation of church and state
What is the symbol of Islam?
Crescent moon
What sacred month do Muslims fast from dusk to sunset?
What is Ramadan's most important night?
Night of Power
What does the Night of Power represent?
night the Angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammed
What are Muslim leaders called?
What do Muslims do 5 times a day?
face Mecca and pray to Allah
What are the 2 major sects of Islam?
Sunni Muslims
Shi'a Muslims
What do Sunni Muslims believe?
leaders should follow Muhammed's example
What do Shi'a Muslims believe?
leaders should be Muhammed's descendants