BHS Art Department Exit Exam


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The artist uses the __________ as the visual building blocks to create a painting.
elements of art
The __________ included information about the year the painting was created and the collection in which it was housed.
credit line
The bold colors and swirling lines of the __________ paintings in the gallery show attracted the critic's attention.
The deeper you dig into layers of meaning of each artwork, the more meaningful your __________ becomes.
aesthetic experience
All prints made from the same plate, or set of plate.
The use of light and dark values to create the illusion of form.
A copy of a work of art.
The impression created on a surface by the printing plate.
_____ can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including paper, wood, and canvas.
The ___ is the material used to thin the pigment.
The print-maker writes his or her name and the number of each print in ____ on the credit line.
_____sculpture projects from a flat background and can only be viewed from the front.
The _____ of a painting may be an person, a landscape, or other recognizable object.
The sculpting technique that is an additive process is __________.
The sculpting technique that is a subtractive process is __________.
What are the three steps in order for relief printmaking?
create printing block, ink it, transfer the image
What are the four steps of critiquing in order?
describe, analyze, interpret, judgment
Which sculpture technique uses found objects to create one sculpture?
The third __________ of the freestanding sculpture, its depth, seemed out of proportion with its length and width.
The row of dots in the nonobjective painting created an __________ that the viewers' eyes automatically connected.
implied line
The graphic artist used a heavy black __________ around the picture of the computer.
Lines showing __________ are drawn freely and quickly in order to capture movement.
The Chinese artist used __________ to create characters that represented complete ideas.
The landscape painting had many dark __________ that created a somber mood.
The portrait artist used __________ to create the shading on the man's face.
The use of __________ to arrange light and shadow on a canvas was introduced by Italian Renaissance artists
The viewers were attracted to the __________ on the dark dresses in the painting, which made the material appear to shimmer.
Spectrum bent into a circle.
color wheel
Opposite colors on the color wheel.
A color scheme using one hue and the tints and shades of that hue.
Colors that sit side by side on the color wheel and have a common hue.
Yes, called an analogous color scheme
The appearance of a line is affected by the media, tool, and surface.
Depends on the person looking at the art.
A _____ line should be continuous.
We see color because objects absorb some waves of __________ and reflect others.
To change the value of any __________, add black or white.
Identify this MC Escher work of art.
In "Yellow Cow" by Franz Marc is the color scheme considered optical color or arbitrary color?
___ is the first part of a work to attract the viewer's attention.
focal point
___is quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through the effective use of elements and principles or art.
___ is a line divided into two parts so the smaller line has the same proportion, or ratio, to the larger line as the larger line has to the whole line.
Golden Mean
The ___ was a vertical line that gave the photograph equal visual weight on both sides of the scene.
central axis
The ___ in the historical painting was achieved by placing an equal number of soldiers and horses on either side of the central axis.
formal balance
The ___ of the open flower, with its petals extending outward from a central point, was the focus of the poster.
radial balance
The arrangement of the statue and the viewer in the landscape drawing created a subtle ___.
informal balance
What unit is usually used to define the proportions of an individual figure?
What are three of the ways an artist can create unity in a work of art?
c.Simplicity, Repetition, Proximity
An example of _____ balance is Horace Pippin's Cabin in the Cotton.
The emotional impact Jan van Eyck's _____ suggest that of a realistic work in which a serious and formal event is taking place. The union of the hands suggest the endurance of the relationship and the stability of their love.
Arnofini Wedding
In the work of Pablo Picasso_____ the exaggeration of the limbs and thinness of the man reflect the desperation of his situation. The angular position creates a painting that expresses sympathy for his condition
Old Guitarist
Homage to Gogol by Marc Chagall uses _____to enhance his great admiration for Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol, a nineteenth-century author of plays, short stories, and novels that stand out as masterpieces of Russian literature.
Louise Nevelson is known for _____her work by repeating shapes and using one color.
Marie Bashkirtseff uses _____ to unify her work.
Gaston Lachaise uses exaggerated _____ to create a small scale sculpture of a woman, yet the feeling of the statue is monumental due to the smaller head size.
George Bellows uses the rule of _____ in order to draw the viewer's eye.
An art style that combined a variety of styles allowing for more individual approach to painting was ___.
The art style called ___ depicts objects as precisely and accurately as they actually appear.
___ are large monuments created from huge stone slabs.
The art style that emphasized abstract elements of art rather than recognizable subject matter was referred to as ___.
Abstract Expressionism
Buildings that are well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing, and functional are designed by ___.
The art style that uses a minimum of art elements is ___.
An ___ creates the visual images that complement written words.
___ creates visually appealing, but easy-to-use sites for businesses on the Internet.
web artist
____is an art style in which dream, fantasy, and the subconscious served as inspiration for artist.
___ is an art style that captured everyday subjects and emphasized the momentary effects of sunlight.
___is the period of rebirth or reawakening at the end of the Middle Ages.
___ are identifying symbols
___ is the art style characterized by very rich colors and flat, stiff figures.
Italian artists of the Renaissance studied __ art in order to depict people and objects accurately.
The ___ art of Muslim world is extremely decorative.
Baroque artist emphasize ___ in their work.
dramatic lighting
In The Conversion of St. Paul by Carravagio use _____ to dramatize this mysterious scene of Saul being converted to Christianity.
______, built by the masterful stone fitting Incans, was built so well that a knife blade cannot be slipped between any two.
A mixture of clay and water that acts like a glue to join two pieces of clay together.
A clay made from the discovery of kaolin.
A tool used on the pottery wheel to make the sides of your vessel smooth, straight, angled, curved or shaped.
Which clay has the lowest firing temperature?
What kind of clay do we use in this class?
What tool is used to wipe back extra clay or water when throwing on the wheel?
When throwing on the wheel we often lean back to check the ___ of the form?
When footing a vessel you use a ___ to carve out the bottom to refine the vessel.
trim tool
A flux (melter) , alumina (stabilizer), silica (glass former), and colorant make up this substance we use to cover the surface of the vessel in the final stage of creating.
A ___ is used to transport clay from one place to the other so that finger indentations do not ruin the piece.
ware board
We often refer to our work as ___; which means a hollow container used to hold liquids.
This is the first stage of firing; which leaves the clay porous enough to accept glaze.
Fine art is different from craft because ___.
Fine art is meant to be looked at and crafts are meant to be used.
When glazing ware you must keep glaze from sticking to the bottom of the surface or it will __.
stick to the kiln shelf during firing
Red Iron Oxide is a colorant that produces _____ in our glazes and slips
Copper Carbonate is a colorant that produces _____ in our glazes and slips.
Cobalt Carbonate is a colorant that produces ____ in our glazes and slips.
_____ is one of the most important steps in ceramics. It is used to blend and mix the clay by aligning the platelets, so the work is more plastic.
Oxidation firing allows _____ in the firing atmosphere.
____ firings starve the oxygen in the flame to create carbon build up.
Clay ____ is one of the most hazardous aspects of working in the clay studio.
dust-- always use water and sponge to clean up
This technique uses solid clay logs to create a work of art.
This technique uses a slab of clay that is gently coerced into a bowl or other form.
drape or push mold
When an artist makes part of the piece on the wheel and the other from hand-building we call it a ___?
combination pot
Clay is made from?
decomposed rock
The bottom of a bowl is called the ___ and is trimmed to be completed.
_______ painted soup cans and made people in the '60s stop and see for the first time what the commercial world looked and felt like.
Andy Warhol
Cubism refers to objects that have been broken down into ____.
simplified shapes
Janet Fish is an artist that primarily deals with ___ as her subject matter
reflective surfaces
In 1977 Cindy Sherman began the "Untitled Film Stills." What were these photo's about?
roles of women
Edward Degas was an artist known mostly for his ____.
ballerina paintings
List the the matting process.
Measure the length and width of the artwork. Add 5.5 to the L x W to get a 3" border. Once the new dimensions are calculated cut the mat paper to that size. Measure a 3" border around the mat paper. Cut the mat with a utility knife and ruler to get straight edges. Place the artwork over the open window. Tape the corners. Then measure the backing so that it covers the entire artwork. Secure the backing with tape around all four edges. Sign your name.
What is the purpose of backing?
it holds the artwork in the mat
What type of eraser is used for removing a tiny bit of value from a charcoal drawing or pencil drawing?
kneaded eraser
Name the artists that made Untitled Film Still #58
Cindy Sherman
Name the artist that made 32 Soup Cans
Andy Warhol
Name the artist that made Green Glass
Janet Fish
Name the artist that made Dance
Edgar Degas
Name the artist that made Mount Sainte-Victoire
Paul Cezanne
Name the artists that made Triple Self-Portrait
Norman Rockwell
Name the artists that made The Juggler
Marc Chagall
Name the artists that made Lavender Mist
Jackson Pollock
Name the artists that made I and the Village
Marc Chagall
Name the artists that made The Creation of Adam
Name the artists that made Fire in the Barnyard
Thomas Hart Benton
Name the artists that made Persistence of Memory
Salvador Dali
Describe the pottery Picasso made at Madoura
Picasso was interested in mythological beings. You can see the resemblance of his figurative painting in some of the works at Madoura.
Describe black figure pottery from Greece.
In black-figure painting, figures and ornamentation were drawn on the natural clay surface of a vase in glossy black pigment; the finishing details were incised into the black.
What is one vessel form that Warren MacKenzie is known for?
Faceted lidded jar with a little button accent
Bernard Leach is one of the best know Brittish potters known for his ___.
Japenese inspired brush work, like those found on works such as his bottle vases.