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  1. belief
  2. Divine Inspiration
  3. What are the marks of the Church
  4. agnostic
  5. doctrine
  1. a clear articulation of specific information; requires submission to ideas. We accept what we cannot prove. (Nicene Creed)
  2. b one
    holy: "of God"
    Catholic: "universal"
    apostolic: started by Jesus and passed to his apostles
  3. c prayerfully consider and make a choice as to how to incorporate that in your life
    ex: justifiable war
  4. d God inspiring someone to write the Bible
  5. e neither denies nor affirms the exsistence of a personal god

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  1. made by Jesus and passed on his teachings
  2. ongoing, unpacking the mysteries of God
  3. sacred scripture + sacred Tradition
  4. 1. sacred scripture (Bible)
    2. sacred Tradition
  5. 1. Trinity
    2. Virgin Birth
    3. Passion of Christ
    4. Ressurection
    5. Ascension
    6. Last Judgement
    7. Catholic Church
    8. Communion of Saints
    9. Forgiveness of Sin
    10. Eternal Life

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  1. Monotheismaffirms existence of one god


  2. What are some characteristics of Adolescent Stage?*dont understand death
    *Struggle for identity
    *faith clarity, widens horizens, deepens faith commitment


  3. Atheistaffirms existence of a personal god


  4. Dogmaaffirms exsistence of an impersonal god


  5. What is a creed?an exact statement of beliefs