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  1. Dogma
  2. belief
  3. theist
  4. What are the 10 concepts of the Nicene Creed?
  5. What is a cult and its charisteristics?
  1. a clear articulation of specific information; requires submission to ideas. We accept what we cannot prove. (Nicene Creed)
  2. b affirms existence of a personal god
  3. c absolute belief
    ex: Trinity
  4. d 1. Trinity
    2. Virgin Birth
    3. Passion of Christ
    4. Ressurection
    5. Ascension
    6. Last Judgement
    7. Catholic Church
    8. Communion of Saints
    9. Forgiveness of Sin
    10. Eternal Life
  5. e an organized group which adopts behavior to control individual beliefs.
    • headed by ONE charismatic leader.
    • Beliefs: negative, extreme, false
    • Live in an unconventional manner

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  1. the Church, in its wisdom, is not wrong in matters of faith. (may not be questioned) 2: Vatican I "Mary ever virgin" & Pope Pius XII "Mary was assumed into heaven body and soul"
  2. things that help you get in touch with God
    ex: christmas tree, nativity scene, easter eggs, easter bunny, advent wreath/ candles, white smoke when new pope is elected
  3. way of perceiving God in our human experience
  4. affirms existence of one god
  5. God inspiring someone to write the Bible

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  1. What happens in the mature adult stage?risks:
    1. risks i can afford to take
    2. risks i cant afford to take
    3. risks i must take
    4. risks i cant afford not to take


  2. deposit of faithmade by Jesus and passed on his teachings


  3. Magisteriumthe teaching, worship, and sanctifying body of the Catholic Church


  4. Divine RevelationGod unveiling or showing God's one self


  5. Deposit of faithmade by Jesus and passed on his teachings