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Pharm.Ch 6

Voice characteristics (volume)
Biocultural ecology
Drug metabolism & ethnic variations
Ethnic + cultural variables
Integration of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and ethnic/genetic variables
Spatial distancing
Distance between conversing people
Personal sense of time/urgency
The nurse is aware that locality may change responses to illness and medications. Clients living in high-altitude areas may have which of the following changes in laboratory test results?
Increased red blood cells
A nurse conversing with a client is aware that the majority of the message is nonverbal in clients from which of the following cultures?
When conversing with a client of traditional German heritage, the preferred distance between speakers is:
More than 2 feet
In general, clients from which of the following cultures expect to be seen regardless of how late they arrive for an appointment?
Mexican American
A nurse is assessing a client's cultural background. What is part of this assessment:
Communication patterns, orientation to time, rituals and practices, health care practices