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Intermediate: Since/For/From


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He has been playing soccer since 2005.
he playing soccer 2005
She has been playing tennis for 10 years.
she playing tennis 10 years
He has been waiting for 20 minutes.
he waiting 20 minutes
She has lived in Concord since January.
she live Concord January
They have been studying since 8am.
they studying 8am
He lived in Japan from 1990 to 2004.
he live Japan 1990 2004
She lived in Spain for 3 months in 2010.
she live Spain 3 months 2010
He studied for 2o minutes last night.
he study 20 minutes last night
She has been watching TV for 10 minutes.
she watching TV 10 minutes
I have been playing guitar since I was in high school.
i playing guitar i was in high school
She watched TV from 9pm to 11pm last night
she watch tv 9pm 11pm last night
Last year, he lived in Concord from January to April.
last year, he live Concord January April