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  1. Nuptial
  2. Purged
  3. Chide
  4. Abhor
  5. Transgression
  1. a relating to weddings or marriages, wedding
  2. b rid of an unwanted feeling, evacuate
  3. c regard with disgust and hatred, hate
  4. d a violation of law, sin
  5. e scold or rebuke, scold

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  1. make greater, add on to, add
  2. strange or unusual, strange
  3. insult
  4. threatening, ominous
  5. praise enthusiastically, exalt

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  1. Pernicioushaving a harmful affect, harmful


  2. Boisterousthreatening, ominous


  3. Inconstantask someone persistently, ask


  4. Forfeitrid of an unwanted feeling, evacuate


  5. Abashcause to feel embarrassed or ashamed, humiliate