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  1. psychological processes
  2. 4 principles of adulthood
  3. multidirectionality of development
  4. Biopsychosocial perspective
  5. normal aging or primary aging
  1. a not all systems develop at the same rate within the person
  2. b involve cognitive, personality and emotions
  3. c continuity
    for people to get older they cant die
    as people get older they become more different from one another
    normal development different from disease
  4. d development as a interaction of biological, psychosocial and social processes
  5. e occurs in all individuals at different rates. universal

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  1. born between 1945-1964.
  2. age based on occupying certain social roles.
  3. differences within the individual
  4. unpredictable events in life of individual (loss job, lose child)
  5. psychologist focuses on normative age graded influences, history graded and nonnormative influences.

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  1. social processeschanges within the body associated with time that alter structure and function.


  2. young old
    old old
    oldest old


  3. optimal agingaka successful aging. concept that individuals have avoided changes that would occur with age through prevantative measures


  4. social agingage based on occupying certain social roles.


  5. normative age graded influencescertain experiences that culture and history attach to certain ages