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  1. 5 ways to shorten life
  2. multidirectionality of development
  3. social age
  4. social aging
  5. impaired aging or secondary aging
  1. a changes that occur because of disease not in all individuals
  2. b changes in societies, ppl change as a result of historical change
  3. c not all systems develop at the same rate within the person
  4. d overweight, drinking and driving, not enough fruits and veggies, physically inactive, smoking
  5. e age based on occupying certain social roles.

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  1. born between 1945-1964.
  2. continuity
    for people to get older they cant die
    as people get older they become more different from one another
    normal development different from disease
  3. occurs in all individuals at different rates. universal
  4. people become more different from each other with age
  5. unpredictable events in life of individual (loss job, lose child)

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  1. social processeschanges within the body associated with time that alter structure and function.


  2. life expectancyself representations in biological, psychological and social domains.


  3. psychological agequality of functioning on intelligence, memory and learning ability


  4. personal agingchanges within individual


  5. psychological processesinvolve cognitive, personality and emotions