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  1. erythrocyte
  2. defibrillation
  3. varicose veins
  4. hemorroid
  5. thrombosis
  1. a most common blood cell
  2. b painful swollen veins in rectum
  3. c formation of a blood clot
  4. d swollen twisted and painful veins filled with an abnormal collection f blood
  5. e treatment for life threatening cardiac dyssrythmias

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  1. immature cells develop into mature cells
  2. collection of blood on surface
  3. rapid irregular unsynchronized contraction of muscle fibers
  4. detached, traveling intravascular mass
  5. surgical removal of the spleen

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  1. bradycardiaslow heart rate


  2. congestive heart failuretime required by shed blood to clot


  3. hemolysisbreak down of red blood cells


  4. dysrhythmiairregular heartbeat


  5. vasodilatorrapid irregular unsynchronized contraction of muscle fibers