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  1. diastole
  2. embolus
  3. tachycardia
  4. pericarditis
  5. hemorroid
  1. a painful swollen veins in rectum
  2. b relaxation
  3. c detached, traveling intravascular mass
  4. d heart rate that exceeds normal range
  5. e pericardium becomes inflammed

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  1. puncture of a vein
  2. blood doesn't clot normally
  3. heart attack
  4. procedure to restore blood flow through the artery
  5. white blood cell

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  1. varicose veinspericardium becomes inflammed


  2. dysrhythmiadecrase in blood supply


  3. congestive heart failuretime required by shed blood to clot


  4. lumenstop close up


  5. hematopoesisimmature cells develop into mature cells


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