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  1. dyscaria
  2. hemolysis
  3. fibrillation
  4. spleenectomy
  5. hemorroid
  1. a painful swollen veins in rectum
  2. b surgical removal of the spleen
  3. c blood disorder where 1 part of blood is not present in normal supply (bad mixture)
  4. d break down of red blood cells
  5. e rapid irregular unsynchronized contraction of muscle fibers

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  1. immature cells develop into mature cells
  2. hardening of the arteries plaque buildup
  3. chest pain or discomfort that usually occurs with activity or stress
  4. formation of a blood clot
  5. most common blood cell

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  1. hemochromatosisiron overload


  2. leukemiadecrase in blood supply


  3. sickle cell anemiablood cells shaped in crescent shape


  4. bone marrow biopsyphysician who studies blood


  5. lumeninside space of a tubular stucture