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  1. hemophilia
  2. hemochromatosis
  3. vasodilator
  4. defibrillation
  5. dyscaria
  1. a widens blood vessels
  2. b iron overload
  3. c treatment for life threatening cardiac dyssrythmias
  4. d blood disorder where 1 part of blood is not present in normal supply (bad mixture)
  5. e blood doesn't clot normally

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  1. rapid irregular unsynchronized contraction of muscle fibers
  2. listening to the internal sounds
  3. decrase in blood supply
  4. detached, traveling intravascular mass
  5. stop close up

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  1. diastolerelaxation


  2. bone marrow biopsypainful swollen veins in rectum


  3. sickle cell anemiablood cells shaped in crescent shape


  4. erythrocytewhite blood cell


  5. lumeninside space of a tubular stucture