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Phrasal Verbs 4 - RUSSIAN


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show off
He took off his shirt to ________ his impressive six pack. хвастаться
go off
If you don't put the milk in the fridge it will _____. испортиться
paid off
I trained very hard before the race and it _______ - I won! не пройти даром
ended up
I only went into the shop to have a look and I _______ spending £300! случайно получилось
save up
My brother _______ for a year to buy a motorbike. копить деньги
coming up
I am quite stressed because I have some important exams ______. на подходе
signed up for
Lots of people have ______ the free English course at the university. записаться на
come up to
Guys often ________ me in clubs and offer to buy me a drink but I usually say no. подходить к
fallen out
Two of my friends have _______ and now they aren't talking to each other. ссориться
meet up
I'll be in London next week. Let's ________ for coffee! встретиться
print off
The ink has run out so I can't ______ my essay and the deadline is in three hours! печатать
made up
Ok. I ______ the bit about seeing a Polar Bear, but everything else is true. придумать
believed in
I ________ Santa until I was 9. верить в
chill out
I like to ________ and do nothing on Sundays. валяться
turn into
It's hard to believe that a caterpillar can ________ a butterfly. превратится
tell off
I was a naughty child. My teachers used to ____ me ____ all the time. ругать
mix up
My sister has identical twins. I always _____ them _____ because I can't tell the difference! путать
ended up
I got on the wrong bus and _______ in completely the wrong place. случайно оказаться
take up
I like the TV but it's too big - it will _______ the whole wall! занять
check out
We went to the new shopping centre on the day it opened to ______ it ___. посмотреть новое место
put up with
The doctor can't do anything about my back pain so I'll have to ________ it. смириться и терпеть
catching up
"Go faster!" said the monkey. We are _______! догонять
work on
If you want to improve your pronunciation you need to _______ it regularly. работать над
look up
If you don't know a word you can ____ it ___ in the dictionary. поискать информацию
turn into
She's a great chef. She takes simple ingredients and _____ them _____ amazing dishes. превращать