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Phrasal Verbs 2 - RUSSIAN


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set off
It was a long day. We _______ at 7am and only arrived at nine in the evening. выехать / отправиться
ran off
When they saw the security guard the kids ________. убежать
kick off
Football matches usually _______ off at 15:00 on Saturdays. начинаться
take off
When swans _________ they 'run' on the water to pick up speed. взлетать
see off
My parents came to the station to ______ me _____. провожать
put off
I always _______ off doing my homework until the last minute. откладывать
turn off
Can you t_________ the music? It's annoying me. выключить
switch off
Don't forget to s_________ the lights when you leave. выключить
All the lights _________ when I got there. быть выключен
go off
If you smoke in the toilet the fire alarm will ________. сработать
is off
The game _________ because the pitch is frozen. быть отменен
called off
They _________ after one of the performers got sick. отменить
are on
The lights _____ still ____ in the office. быть включены
switch on
Oh no! I forgot to s________ the washing machine! включить
put on
We want to _________ a great show! поставить
move on to
Let's ________ the next task now. переходить на
pass on
Please ______ my message to Sam when you see him. передать
going on
What's ________- here? происходить
carry on
Please c_______ on with the story! I want to know what happens. продолжать
goes on
This traffic jam _______ for ever. продолжаться
get on
My cats don't ________. They always growl at each other. иметь хорошее отношение
come on
All the fans shouted "_______!!!" давай
run out
The battery has _________ on my phone so I can't call anyone. закончилось
sold out
There's nothing on the shelves. Everything is __________. распродан
run out of
I need to go to the shop because we have __________ milk. закончилось
go out
If you don't add some more wood the fire will _________. погаснуть
put out
The firemen worked hard to ________ the fire. потушить
blow out
The birthday boy or girl always gets to _______ the candles. задуть
died out
Mammoths _______ about 10000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. вымирать
found out
Yesterday I _____ out that our exam will take place on June 4th. узнать
turned out
I thought that I would fail the test, but it _____ out to be easier than I expected. оказаться
figure out
It took me three days to _________ how to complete level 27 on my computer game. понять (прийти к решению)
sort out
There are so many things to ________ before the wedding on Saturday! организовать
pointed out
The tour guide was brilliant. She ________ a lot of interesting things. обратить внимание на
make out
I can just ________ the shape of a building in the distance. понять то, что плохо видно/слышно
sort out
What a mess. It will take me days to _________ all these documents. разобрать
closing down
There is a big sale at the department store because it is __________ next month. ликвидироваться
shut down
Don't forget to _________ your computers before you leave. выключить
broken down
There are long traffic jams because a truck has ______ down in the middle of the bridge. сломался
broke up with
I'm feeling really down. My girlfriend _________ me and I lost my job. растаться с
woke up
I _________ at six o'clock this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. проснуться
woke up
The birds _______ me ____ today. They were singing right outside my window. разбудить
stay up
I often _______ late chatting to my friends online and then I can't wake up in the morning. не лечь спать
kept up
My neighbours had a party yesterday and they ______ me _____ until 2am не дать спать
wait up
My parents always ________ if I stay out late. дожидаться
were up
I was surprised that the kids ______ still _____ when I came home. не спали
tidy up
I need to ______ my office. привести в порядок
clean up
It took a team of 50 people a week to _________ the site after the music festival. убирать
packed up
We ________ our tents and continued our journey. собрать вещи
wash up
I always _______ when my wife cooks dinner. мыть посуду
make up
I bought some flowers for my wife to ________ after we had a fight. наладить отношение
set up
It is easy to ______ a wifi network - just follow the instructions on the website. настроить
shut up
I really want the dogs to ______. заткнуться
give up
I _____ up. Tell me the answer. сдаться
gave up
I _________ smoking three years ago. It was really tough. бросить
messed up
I completely m________ the interview. I'm sure I won't get the job. провалить
screwed up
I really wanted to get the part but I totally s_______ the audition. провалить
cut up
_______ three tomatoes and add them to the salad. нарезать
tear up
If you t_______ newspaper then it burns better. разрывать
blew up
The car ______ when it crashed into an oil tanker. взорваться
broke up
Phil and Kate b_______ last week. растаться
split up
The Beatles s______ in 1970. растаться
set up
Prince Harry was part of the group that _____ the Invictus Games, an "Olympics" for injured war veterans. основать