APES Chapters 8 & 9

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Has used a government enforced program to cut its birth rate in half and sharply reduce its fertility rate.
*Has moved 300 million people out of poverty and quadrupled the average persons income and has boosted life expectancy to 72.
*The only other way to control population is mass starvation so other than that they implemented the most strict family planning and population control program.
*Discourages premarital sex, urges people to dealy marriages and limit families to no more than one child per family. Married families who pledge to have only one child gets benefits such as more food, larger pensions, better housing, free health care, salary bonuses, free school tuition for their child and preferential employment opportunities when their child enters the job market. Couples who break their pledge lose such benefits.
*Government provides married couples with free sterilization, contraceptives, and abortion.
*Strong preference for males, resulting in abortions of female fetuses and a significantly higher amount of males in china than females. Also females more likely to marry and runoff from family and not take care of their parents when older. Now, with the girls that are left, teenage girls are kidnapped and sold as brides to single men throughout the country.
*Chinas economy is growing at one of the worlds highest rates as the country undergoes rapid industrialization
*Problem with environmental degradation- supplies of some renewable resources are exceeding the rising demand and increased resource use is polluting the air and water.
*With fewer children, the average age of Chinas population is increasing rapidly, which could result in a declining work force, lack of funds for supporting continuing economic development, and fewer children and grandchildren to care for the growing number of elders.