The first menstruation for adolescent girls is also called what
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A small tight knit group of about 5-7 friends is called...CliqueLGBT adolescents have a lower risk of suicide than their non-LGBT peers True or FalseFalseA type of DNA "cap" located at the ends of chromosomes is calledTelomereIt is estimated that 19% of US women are rape victims True or FalseTrueA type of thinking characterized by "right vs wrong" is calledDualistic ThinkingThe period of vocational development characterized by exploration and crystallization is calledRealistic PeriodVictims of sexual coercion often show manipulative behavior and high acceptance of rape myths True or FalseFalseWhich of the following factors does not contribute to alcoholism during early adulthoodEducation levelDefine MenarcheThe first occurrence of menstruationAt what age does menarche happen12.5 YearsDefine SpermarcheThe beginning of development of sperm in boys' testicles at pubertyAt what age does spermarche happen13.5 YearsList of teen pregnancy prevention methods-more effective sex education -skills for handling sexual situation -information on and access to contraceptives -building academic and social competence -expanding educational, vocational, and employment opportunitiesWhat does the prefrontal cortex do in relation to the prefrontal cortexthe expansion of synaptic connections supports gains in executive functioning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision makingCharacteristics of Anorexia Nervosa-starve self -fear of getting fat -malnutritionCharacteristics of Bulimia Nervosa-individuals want help -binge followed by want to avoid weight gain -deliberate purgingCharacteristics of Binge Eating-regular overeating -overweight and obese -no purgingStages of sexual orientation identity-feeling different (6-12) -confusion (early adolescence) -self acceptance (end of adolescence)Define formal operational stagethe fourth and final step of cognitive development, emerging abstract thought and hypothetical reasoningWhat are some risks in sexually active teens-lead to sterility and life threatening complications -AIDS -STI'SHow do school transitions affect teens-grades decline -decline in liking of school and motivationWhat are some drop out risk factors-low grades -low attendance -parents are uninvolved -large and impersonal schoolDefine identityWell organized concept of the self that defines who one is, what they have, and what they will pursue in lifeStages of identityIdentity achievement Identify moratorium Identity foreclosure Identity diffusionDefine the preconventional level of kohlbergs moral developmentPunishment and obedienceDefine the conventional level of kohlbergs moral developmentSocial order maintainingDefine the postconventional level of kohlbergs moral developmentUniversal ethical principals define corumimationContinuous mulling over problems and negative emotionsWhat are some outcomes of coruminationConflicts between friendsDefine cliqueSmall tight knit groups (5-7)Prevention efforts for suicide-train adults to recognize -provide support -gun control -stay with them until help comesGender differences in adolescent friendshipsBoys -sports -competition -conflict Girls -"just talk" -provide support -emotionalPrevention of delinquency I'm adolescenceStart early Zero tolerance Mulitisystematic therapyDefine telomeresType of DNA "cap" located at ends of chromosomesRate of sexual coercion19%Characteristics of sexual coercion perpetrators-manipulative -accept rape myths -childhood sexual abuse -alcoholismDefine dualistic thinkingRight from wrongStages of vocational development-fantasy period -tentative period -realistic periodContributing factors of alcoholism in early adulthood-women;response to stress -men;enhance social situationsAttitudes toward sexual minorities-public acceptance growing -larger cities and college towns -3.8% identity as minorityDefine epistemic cognitionThe awareness, knowing, and thinking of thinkingWhy do people drop out of college-financial problems -all factors are dependent on parentsGendered differences of Levisons season of life-boy;career achievement -girl;"split between job and the homeOutcomes of gendered differences of levisons season of life-boy;settled down -girl;commitment issuesSocial clock theoryAge related expectations of life eventsCharacteristics of mate selectionWomen-financial status, ambition, and psychological before intimacy Men-attractiveness, younger partner, and physical intimacyTraditional marriageClear division of women in the home and the man as the headEglalitarian marriageShared authority and balanceFactors of divorce ratesIneffective problem solving Money issues Gender roles/ expectationsDefine emerging adulthoodPeriod of life between adolescence adulthood and adulthoodReligious changes in early adulthoodAffiliation declines and construction of individual faithDefine helicopter parentingParents pay extremely close attention to a child's or children's experiences and problems