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3500 BCE
Civilization arises in Mesopotamia
3000 BCE
Hinduism being practiced in India
483 BCE
Siddhartha Gautama dies
0-33 CE
Life of Jesus
476 CE
End of the Roman Empire/Start of feudal West Europe
632 CE
Death of Muhammad
750 CE
Fall of Umayyad dynasty and rise of Abbasid Islamic dynasty
900 CE
Ghana kings convert to Islam in West Africa
1054 CE
Great Schism between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christian churches
1095 CE
First crusade, as Catholic Europeans attempt to "re-conquer" holy lands on the Arabian peninsula
1250-1350 CE
Mongolian Empire, with four khanates - Russia, Persia, Central Asia, China
1300-1500 CE
Italian Renaissance
1324 CE
Mali king Mansa Musa makes pilgrimage to Mecca
1405-1433 CE
Voyages of Zheng He on the Indian Ocean
1453 CE
Fall of Constantinople to Ottoman Turks (Seljuk Turks)
1492 CE
Spain unifies - Moors driven out; Columbus sailed; the Columbian Exchange begins
1519 CE
Arrival of conquistadors in Mexico
1600 CE
British East India Company (EIC) trading in India with Mughal Empire
1644 CE
Rise of Qing dynasty in China
1765 CE
James Watt perfects the steam engine
1776 CE
American Revolution; Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations
1807 CE
Slave trade abolished in Britain (1808 - U.S., 1814 - France)
1833 CE
Slavery abolished in Britain (1848 - France, 1865 - U.S.)
1843 CE
Treaty of Nanjing ends the Opium Wars between China and Britain
1848 CE
Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx (in early years of German industrialization)
1857 CE
Start of direct British rule in India after the Sepoy Mutiny/First War for Indian Independence
1868 CE
Meiji Restoration in Japan
1884-1885 CE
Berlin Conference to decide rules for dividing Africa
1914-1918 CE
World War I
1917 CE
The Russian Revolution
1939-1945 CE
World War II
1947 CE
Indian Independence
1948 CE
Creation of Israel (Britain pulls out of Middle East); start of apartheid in South Africa
1949 CE
Communist Revolution in China
1950 CE
Start of the Korean War
1960 CE
"The Year of Africa" when many African nations gain independence during decolonization
1961 CE
Construction of the Berlin Wall
1979 CE
The Iranian Revolution
1990 CE
Fall of communism in Russia and East Europe
1994 CE
End of apartheid as Nelson Mandela elected as first black president of South Africa