32 terms

MISY TIA Chapter 6

CPU consists of which two parts?
Control unit and arithmetic logic unit
What does the arithmetic logic unit do?
Completion of all arithmetic calculations
Two types of video memory are?
In most current systems _____ is the type of RAM used
RAM is an example of
the small circuit boards that hold a series of RAM chips are
memory modules
The rule of thumb that predicts that CPU capacity will double every 2 years is?
Moore's Law
What enables the computer to drive the speaker system?
sound card
Windows 7 system, you can determine that amount of RAM by looking in the _______ window?
System Properties
running the Disk cleanup utility is a quick way to
clear out unnecessary files
A video card is an expansion card installed in your _____
system unit
Which statement pertaining to system reliability is FALSE?
An accumulation of temporary Internet files has no effect on your computer's overall performance
Cache memory levels are defined by
The chips proximity to the CPU
Which program provides a seven layer overwrite for the Mac operating system
Shredt X
How many level of cache memory are there?
Uses electronic memory and has no motors or moving parts
Solid state drive
All of the following are procedures you can follow ensure your system performs reliably, EXCEPT
Run key utilities only when you can observe the process
All of the following are types of computer users EXCEPT
typical users
All of the following are part of the machine cycle EXCEPT
Running the Disk Defragmenter utility will
make the hard drive work more efficiently
running the CPU at a faster speed than the manufacturer recommended is
The maximum memory you can install using the 64 bit version of Windows 8 pro is ____GB
The amount of RAM recommend for most systems today is measure in
All of the following are examples of optical drives EXCEPT
solid state disc
The control unit is one component of the
An expansion card that installed inside the system unit to translate data into images
video card
The amount of RAM that is actually on the memory modules in your computer is the _____ memory
Which of the following is NOT a main characteristic associated with desktop computers as compared to notebooks?
A desktop computer is more expensive
Laptops are often equipped with an ______ slot that allows you to read flash memory cards such as CompactFlash, memory sticks, and secure digital cards
When referring to hard drives, access time is measuring in
Provides high speed information processing by enabling a new set of instructions to start before the previous set is finished
The dominant system processors on the market are made by