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Phrasal Verbs


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add up
make a sense (His evidence just doesn't ...)
ask after
inquire about (dowiadywać się) (Jim was ... you)
back down
yield in an argument (Sheila was right, so Palul had to ...)
bargain for
take into account (We hadn't ... there being so much traffic and we missed the plane)
bear out
confirm the truth (Helen's alibi was ... by her sister)
break down
lose control of emiotions (David ... and wept when he heard the news)
break off
stop talking( He ... to answer the phone)
break up
come to an end (The party finally ... at 3:00 am.
bring (something) about
cause to happen (The crisis .... by Brenda's resignation)
bring (something) off
succeed in doing something (The team tried fir years to win the competition and they finally ...)
bring (something) on
cause the onset of an illness (Sitting in the damp ... his reumatism)
bring (something) on
cause trouble to happen to oneself (You have... yourself)
bring (something) round
influence someone to your point of view ( After much discussion, I ... the comitattee ... to my point of view)
bring (something) up
mention ( I feel I ought to ... another small matter)
carry (something) off
complete successfully despite the problems (Jane had a difficult role to play but she ...)
carry out
complete a plan (The attack ... successfully...)
catch on
became popular ( This new hair style is beginning to ...)
come about
happen (Let me explain how the situation ...)
come down to
be in the end a matter of (It all... whether you are prepared to accept less money)
come in for
recieve (The government has ... a lot of criticism over the decision)
come off
take a place successfully (I'm affraid that deal didn't ... after all)
come out
appear (All the flowers...; When the news..., everone was shocked; Kate's new book ... next month)
come up
occur (pojawić się) (Look, something ..., and I can't meet you)
come up against
meet a difficulty (We've .... a bit of a problem)
come up to
equal (The play didn't... expectations)
come up with
think of (We still haven't ... a solution to the problem.)
count on
rely on (Don't worry you can ... me)
crop up
happen unexpectedly (I can't come to your party, something...)
do away with
abolish (znieść) (Dog licences ...)
do away with
murder ( What if they ... the old man?)
do (something) up
decorate (We are having our living room ...)
draw up
come to a stop (A white sports car ... outside the door)
draw up
organize documents ( The contract ... at the moment)
drop in
pay a visit (... any time you 're passing)
drop off
fall asleep (The baby has just ...)
end up
finish in a certain way or place (We ... staying there for lunch/The car ... in a ditch)
face up to
have curage to deal with ( You have to... your responsibilities)
fall about
show amusement (Everyone ... when Jane told her joke)
fall back on
use as a last resort (If he worst comes to the worst, we've got our savings to ...)
fall for
be decived by (It was unlikely story but he ... it)
fall for
fall in love with (I ... you the moment I saw you)
fall out with
quarrel with (Peter has... his boss)
fall through
fail to come to completion (The plan... at the last time)
feel up to
feel capable of doing (Old Mr Smith didn't ...walking all that way)
follow up
act upon a suggestion (Thanks for the information about that book. I'll ... it...)
follow up
take more action ( We'll ...this lessons next week)
get (something) across
be understood ( I had the feeling I wasn't ... my meaning ...)
get at
imply (What are you ... exactly?)
get (someone) down
make to feel depressed ( This cold weather really ...)
get down to
begin to seriously deal with ( It's time we ... some real work)
get off (something)
avoid punishment (Susan was punised but Alice.../ They were lucky to ... such light sentences
get on for
approach a certain age/time/number (He must be... seventy)
get on
make progress ( Sue is ...very well in her new job)
get over
be suprised (I couldn't ... how well she looked)
get over with
come to the end of something, usually unplesant( I'll be glad to ... this awful buisness...)
get round to
find time to do ( Sorry I haven't ... fixing the tap yet)
get up to
do something usually bad about children (The children are... something in the garden/What have you been ... lately?)