40 terms

Ch 5 Vocabulary

p202 Arabic word for the Muslim god
Cenobitical life
p208 More common form of monasticism called common life
p185 A division of the church based on territory, adapted from Roman empire
Ecumenical Patriarch
p194 A title recognized by St Gregory as an attempt to usurp the Petrine primacy
The Hajj
p208 The pilgrimage to Mecca required of all Muslim faithful once during their lifetime
The Hejira
p200 Arabic for "flight" The flight of Muhammed and his followers from Mecca to Medina
p187 On who has retired, for religious motives, into solitary life, especially one of the Christian recluses
p184 A powerful nomadic people of unknown ethnic origin who invaded Europe
p160 Arabic for "submission" the faith of the prophet Muhammad it traces its roots back to Abraham Hagar and Ishmael
p202 Holy war waged by Muslims in the name of religion. Muslim men who died in the ____are believed to go straight to heaven
p200 Tax placed upon Jews and Christians under Muslim rule. It allowed them to keep their religious laws and retain the right to practice their own religion
p201 Arabic for "square building" this large black stone is the main focus of the pilgrimage to Mecca
p198,199 Arabic for "recitation" this is the holy book of the Muslim faith written by Muhammad and containing all of the writings of Muhammad that were told to him by the angel Gabriel
Opus dei
p185 "Praise of god" in Benedctine life is referred to the four hours of the day spent in communal prayer
p187 A way of life characterized by asceticism and self-denial lived more or less in seclusion from the world and under fixed rule and vows, withdraw fromt he world to pray and seek God
p194 The pope's personal ambassador
Ora et labora
p208 Benedictine motto meaning "pray and work"
p202 The holy month of Islam believed to be the time when the Koran was given to Muhammad, a strict fast is observed from sunrise to sunset
p190 Large room in a monastery dedicated to the copying and maintaining of texts
Servus servorum dei
p194 Latin for "servant of the servants of God" this title was adopted by Pope St. Gregory the Great
The Shahada
p203 The first pillar and creedal statement of Islam: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prohpet
p193 A solemn promise made voluntarily by a person of reason to practice a virtue or perform a specific good deed in order to accomplish a future good which is better than its contrary
p182 Their name meaning "fierce or bold" ; A germanic people who settled in Gaul late in the 3rd century
p182 Most of the ruthless of the Germanic tribes, attacked Gaul before moving on to Spain, persecutors of the church
p182 Germanic tribe made up of visigoths and ostrogoths; were the first to invade the empire
p179 The leader of the Visigoths who led to invasion of the Italian Peninsula
p182 one of the two branches of goths, ran the western half of the Roman Empire
p182 Led by Theodoric who occupied the Italian Peninsula, replacing the Visgoths, but Ostrogoths would end in defeat
p182 Born in Cappodocia, apostle of the goths,translated to the bible to gothic, then became bishop, an arian
p181,182 Invaders of Germany, primitive and gruesome people
p179 "the scourge of God" brave warrior, skilled diplomat, military strategist, kingship of the huns
St. Benedict
p191 Patriarch of western monasticism lived as hermit, composed the "rule"
St. Scholastica
p193 Benedict's twin, met with him annually
Pope St. Gregory the Great
p194 Began mideval christianity, considered last of the traditional Latin doctors
Gregorian Chant
p196 plainsong chant in the liturgical life of the Church
p197 born in Mecca, saw the angel Gabriel and was told a revelation that he wrote in the Koran, started Islam
Charles Martel
p232 Frankish christian who is responsible for the defeat of the Muslims at the battle of tours
Lectio divina
p193 reading and meditating on scripture, an important facet of Monastic life
p203 a follow of the majority branch of Islam, feels that successors to Muhammed are to be chosen by the Muslim community
p203 arabic "Party of Ali" branch of Islam that supports the descendants of Muhammad as his rightful successors