Greek Gods and Nature Myths GV

...a story that uses fantasy to explain things not easily expressed or understood
Son of Cronos, husband to Hera, King of the Gods and sky
Wife of Zeus, mother to Ares, Hephaestus, and Eris. Queen of the Gods
Daughter of Zeus and Metis, Domain over intellectual activities. She taught man to use tools.
Became the first spider after she lost a spinning/weaving contest to Athene
Lord of the Sea,chose Thetis to be his queen - they had Achilles. Created the first horse for Demeter
a nereid/water nymph chosen to be Poseidon's queen, she protected Hephaestus when he was thrown from Olympus
Rows the boat across the river Styx, collects 1 coin from each of the dead
3 headed dog guarding the gates to Tartarus
Lord of the underworld
given a special punishment in Tartarus. He is destined to push a rock up a hill and never reach the top, every time he is halfway up the hill, rock breaks away and rolls down the hill
Given a burning thirst and placed chin deep in water, he is unable to drink
Field of Asphodel
large field shaded by black poplars. Here lives the dead- heroes, slaves, priests, shepherds, soldiers, cowards. They wander back and forth aimlessly and await judgment, most will return to this field
Elysian Fields
Those judged to be of unusual virtue
Isles of the Blest
Those who had been reborn three times and three times gained Elysium
one of the three judges
one of the three judges
one of the three judges
Palace grounds and surrounding fields, deepest part of the underworld
Furies, Hags with snaky hair, redhot eyes and yellow teeth. They whipped the flesh of their victims and tortured people to commit suicide, increasing Hades kingdom
Erinyes =Hags with snaky hair, redhot eyes and yellow teeth. They whipped the flesh of their victims and tortured people to commit suicide, increasing Hades kingdom
one of the Furies or Erinyes
one of the Furies or Erinyes
one fo the Furies or Erinyes
means "Kindly Ones"= Furies or Erinyes
Demeter and Zeus's daughter, she took charge of the flowers. She was kidnapped by Hades. Since she ate 6 pomegranate seeds during her ordeal, she had to spend 6 months of each year in the underworld with Hades
a nymph Zeus pursued, she gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. Hera sent Python after Leto
Goddess of the Moon, Maiden of the Silver bow, Lady of the Wild Things, Huntress, Maiden
Glimpsed Artemis bathing in a stream. Artemis changed him into a stag and had her hounds tear him to pieces
A nymph of Artemis that Zeus seduced. Artemis changed her into a she bear and whistled to her dogs. Zeus set Callisto in the stars, still in her bear form so Hera would not be jealous
the most beautiful of all the Gods...the Sun God. His metal was Gold
the snake that pursued Leto, Apollo killed him with arrows at the oracle of Delphi, a sacred place.
oracles of Mother Earth
Priestesses who lived at Delphi, trained from infancy and the Gods consulted them.
Pythian Games
Annual Games Apollo instituted to make up for killing the Python at the oracle of Delphia
Apollo's new name for the oracles to make amends for killing of the giant snake
a satyr who was an excellent musician. Apollo challenged him to contest because Apollo liked to think he was the best musician. Apollo ended up winning when he insisted that each musician play his instrument upside down and sing at the same time. Marsyas could not play the flute upside down and sing too. Apollo could play the Lyre upside down and sing.
Marsyas River
the stream that gushed from the tree that Marsyas's skin was nailed too when he lost the contest to Apollo
Queen of Festivities, she and Apollo were the parents of the Corybantes
crested dancers, lithe young men who shaved their hair into a forelock and danced at great festivals
A huntress and Apollo and she had Aristeus
son of Apollo and Cyrene, he taught man bee keeping, olive culture, and other useful arts
nymph tending sheep that Apollo fell in love with. The two of them created Amphissus
founder of cities and builders of temples, son of Apollo and the nymph Dryope
Princess of Thessaly, she and Apollo had Asclepius
Coronis was in love with this Arcadian Prince
White crows go black
a crow delivered the news that Coronis was entertaining Ischys when she was pregnant with Apollo's child. Apollo scorched its feathers and crows became black forever more
son of Apollo and Coronis, he became a physician and took excellent care of the sick and elderly. Zeus killed him when Hades got mad that Asclepius was saving too many patients. Apollo then killed the cyclopes. Leto interceded and Apollo and Ascelpius were restored.
Messenger god, patron of liars, thieves, gamblers, and travelers (Zeus is his father)
Hermes created this instrument out of tortoise shell and one of Apollo's cows. He presented it to Apollo as a gift since he killed one of the cows.
a titaness, mother to Hermes
ugliest God, Hera hurled him off Mt. Olympus as an infant. in charge of forges and bellows - he worked in a broken mountain.