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city of birth for Islam and where the ka'aba is found

founder of judaism



people that descended from abraham and his grandson jacob


lead jews from slavery in egypt


received ten commandments on mt. sinai


belief in one god

10 commandments

the laws given to Moses by God


holy book of judaism


sacred text


Jewish word for God


when the Hebrews escaped from slavery in Egypt, led by Moses


built first jewish temple in jerusalem


the scattering of jews when the romans took over israel

israel, canaan, and palestine

what are the three names of the jewish homeland?

synogoge or temple

where do jews worship?

Jesus Christ

founder of Christianity

12 deciples

Jesus' followers, their writings made up most of the new testament


the first emperor to allow Christianity

Christianity and Judaism

what two religions believe in the ten commandments?

old testament

the history and laws of Jews

new testament

story of Jesus' life, writings of his deciples

Bethlahem, 4 BC

when and where was Jesus born?

Jerusalem, 26 AD

when and where was Jesus crusified?

313 AD

when did Christianity become legal?

because they beleived in God, not roman gods and godesses

why were Christians perecuted?

founder of Islam



believed to be the final messenger of God


the angel that called on Muhammad to spread the word of God


Abraham's son who helped him build the Ka'aba in Mecca

Abraham and Ishmael

believed to be the fathers of Muslims

5 pillars

basic obligations of Islam

faith, prayer, pilgramage, charity,and fasting

whatare the five pillars of faith?


holy book of Islam, believed to be the final word of God


when Muhammad and his followers escaped from threats in Mecca


where Muhammad and his followers fled during the Hirjah


where muslims worship


place of origin for Judaism


place of origin for Christianity


place of origin for Islam


spiritual leader of Muslims


spiritual leader of Jews

940 million

about how many Sunni Muslims are there?

120 million

about how many Shia Muslims are thre?


wht percent or Muslims are Sunni?

all over the Middle East

where are most Sunni Muslims located?

mostly iran and iraq

Where are most Shia Muslims located?

position is earned, does not have to be related to Muhammad

qualification of next leader of Muslims for Sunni

must be related to Muhammad

qualification of next leader of Muslims for Shia

uneven distribution, irrigation, water pollution, and dams

name four water issues in the Middle East


largest ethnic group

all over the Middle East (mostly Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, ect.)

where are the Arabs located?

mostly Sunni Islam

what is the main religion of Arabs?

believe to be descendants of Abraham through his son, Ishmael

name one major belief of the Arabs.


what is another name for the Persians?


where are the Persians primarily located?

Mostly Shia Muslim

what is the primary religion of Persians?

lack of freedom for women

what is a belief of Persian?


what do Persians speak?

mountainous areas where syria, turkey, iran, and iraq come together

where are the Kurdish primarily located?

mostly sunni islam

what is the primary religion of Kurish?


which ethnic group is less strict on Islamic practices?

ethnic group

share common interests, cultural ideas and beliefs, and often share characteristics of parents and grandparents

religious group

share beliefs and god or gods, share a holy book, and share rituals and traditions

uneven distribution and very short supply

what are two huge problems with water in the middle east?

farmers struggle to keep their plants watered because there is not much rainfall

tell why irrigation is necessary in SW asia

overuse of fossil water, this water wil never be replaced

Why is irrigation a problem?

drip irrigation and desalinization

two solutions for irrigation

contaminates fresh water so it can no longer be used

why is water pollution a problem?

chemical fertilizers and garbage/sewage

what are the two main components to water pollution in SW Asia?

they reduce the amount of water available to cities downstream

why are dams a problem?

oil and natural gas

what are the two most valuable natural resources in the ME?

about 50%

about how much of the world's oil supply is found in the ME?

iran, iraq, kuwait, and saudi arabia

what are the four most oil rich countries?

organization of petroleum exporting countries

what opec stands for

how much oil will be produced and how much it will cost

what opec controls

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