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Review for Spanish Colonial Era Test


Corpus Christi de Ysleta is built

West Texas

Which area of Texas was Corpus Christi de Ysleta built?

El Paso

What city is near Corpus Christi de Ysleta?

Corpus Christi de Ysleta

What was the first Spanish mission ever built in Texas?


College of Santa Cruz de Los Tejas is built.


Mission San Antonio de Valero and Presidio San Antonio de Bexar were built.

San Antonio

In what city are Mission San Antonio de Valero and Presidio San Antonio de Bexar located?

East Texas

Which area of Texas was San Francisco de Los Tejas built?


What city is near San Francisco de Los Tejas?

Why were settlements often built along water?

Rivers offered a clean source of water needed to survive.

Why did San Antonio chose San Antonio as the site to build the Alamo?

1. No French presence in the area
2. Natural Resources: plenty of timber and stone
3. Location: Half way trading post between the missions and New Spain

Why were missions and presidios built near each other?

Presidios protected the missionaries from the Native Americans and French.

Why did missions fail?

1. Native Americans did not want to convert.
2. Native Americans resented the intrusion on their land.
3. The missions were isolated

what is a mission?

A Spanish church built to convert Native Americans to Catholics.

The Alamo

What is another name for the Mission San Antonio de Valero?


A military base built to protect the missions from attack?


Privately owned ranches?

Rene Robert Cavalier de La Salle

What explorer established land for France and threatened the Spanish empire in Texas?

San Francisco de los Tejas

What was the first Spanish mission in East Texas?

El Camino Real

The Royal Road that led from the East Texas missions to the southern Rio Grande settlements.


Cowboys that were well known for their skilled horse riding and cattle handling.


served as a mayor, sheriff, and judge of small cases.

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