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Great Awakening

new focus on religion in the colonies called when preachers went around telling people to focus more on God than money

Proclamation Line of 1763

What King George III did when he decided he didn't want the colonists exploring or getting killed in the Ohio River Valley


Tax on foreign products, on imported goods

Who won the french and indian war?

Great Britain and the Colonists


peace agreement at the end of a war

Stamp Act

Put a tax on printed items such as newspapers, legal documents, and playing cards


a group of volunteer citizens ready to fight

Coercive Act

closed the Boston Harbor until the colonists paid the british for damaged tea

Sons of Liberty

A group formed by colonists who protested British taxes and laws

Townshend Act

Placed taxes on paint, glass, lead, paper, and tea. Came after Declaratory Act

In what year did the Revolutionary War begin?


Ohio River Valley

Area of land that Great Britain received as part of the Treaty of Paris

Quartering Act

Act after the Sugar act that made colonists house, clothe, and feed british soldiers.


Someone refuses to buy or use a product as a form of protest

Why did the colonists dress up as Indians during the Boston Tea Party?

to disguise themselves so the British didn't know who they were

Who was one of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty?

John Hancock or Sam Adams


illegally sneaking something into the country

Crispus Attucks

First african american colonists that was killed in the Boston Massacre

What was the colonists' biggest argument against British taxes


What war put Britain in a big national debt?

French and Indian War

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