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PSY 101H Chapter 5

Developing through the Life Span
If warmly supportive parents are especially likely to have children with high self-esteem, this would most clearly indicate that
warmly supportive parenting and children's self-esteem are correlated.
Research on older people has shown that
they become increasingly prone to car accidents
Four-year-old Karen can't remember anything of the first few months of her life. This is best explained by the fact that
she lacked language skills for organizing her early life experiences
Fourteen-year-old Lisa was asked, "What would happen if everyone in the world suddenly went blind?" She responded, "Those who had previously been blind would become leaders." Lisa's answer indicates she is in the ________ stage of development.
formal operational
Abner, a 70-year-old retired teacher, feels that his life has not been of any real value or significance. According to Erikson, Abner has failed to achieve a sense of
The first time that 4-year-old Sarah saw her older brother play a flute, she thought it was simply a large whistle. Sarah's initial understanding of the flute best illustrates the process of
Infants less than 6 months old look longer than usual at unexpected events such as an object magically disappearing. This suggests that Piaget
underestimated the cognitive capacities of infants
The first ejaculation is to an adolescent boy as ________ is to an adolescent girl.
According to Piaget, a person first comprehends that division is the reverse of multiplication during the ________ stage
concrete operational
According to Erikson, achieving a sense of identity is the special task of the
Four-year-old Jennifer mistakenly believes that her mother would like to receive a toy doll as a Christmas present. This best illustrates Piaget's concept of
What is the difference between assimilate and accommodate?
assimilate is bringing in new experiments into our existing schema, while accommodation is adapting our schemas to new information
In which stage is a child that is egocentric?
In what stage does mathematical interpretation develop?
concrete operational
Between ages 3 and 6, the human brain experiences the greatest growth in the ______ lobes, which we use for rational planning, and which we continue developing at least into adolescence.
Which parenting style follows the "because i said so" philosophy?