10 terms

List 8

equilateral polygon
a polygon whose sides all have equal lengths
equilateral triangle
a triangle whose three sides all have equal lengths
equivalent equations
equations that have the same solution set
even integer
any member of the set { ...-6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6...}
in statistics, an outcome of an experiment
the number that indicates the number of times the base of a power is to be used as a factor
exponential function
a function of the form y=kb^x, where k and b are constants and b≠0 or b≠1
one of two or more numbers or quantities that are multiplied to form a product
a quotient indicated by writing two numbers vertically and separating them with a short line segment
a mapping that pairs each member of a set called the domain with exactly one member of another set called the range