10 terms

List 11

irrational number
any number that cannot be written as a quotient of integers; √2, ⁵√7, π
isosceles triangle
a triangle that has at least two sides of equal length
metric unit of measurement equal to 1000 meters
lateral surface area
the total area of the 'sides' of a geometric solid
lead coefficient
of a polynomial, the coefficient of the term with the greatest exponent
least common multiple
the smallest number that can be divided evenly by each of a given set of numbers
the distance between two designated points in a geometric figure
like terms
terms that have the same variables in the same form or in equivalent forms so that the terms represent the same number regardless of the nonzero values assigned the variables
in mathematics, a straight curve that has no width and no end
line segment
a part of a line that consists of two endpoints and all points between the endpoints