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ITN Chapter 1 Test

What is a group of web pages that groups of individuals can edit and view together called?
1.) Scalability
2.) No centralized administration
Which of the following are disadvantages of peer-to-peer networking? (Choose 2)
1.) IP Phone
2.) Printer
3.) Tablet Computer
4.) Server
Which devices would be considered end devices on a network? (Choose 4)
IP addressing scheme
What type of information would be found on a logical topology diagram?
WAN(Wide Area Network)
What is a network infrastructure that provides access to other networks of a wide geographic area?
1.) Leased lines
2.) Metro Ethernet
Which of the following are business-class Internet connection technologies normally a service ? (Choose 2)
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
Which technology would be best to provide a home user with a high-speed, always on Internet connection?
A network where voice, video and data move over the same infrastructure
What is a converged network?
A network that can reroute traffic in case of device failure.
What is a fault-tolerant network?
They act as local providers of service directly to end users.
What is true of Tier 3 ISPs?
Which type of traffic should receive the highest priority from QOS?
2.) Availability
3.) Integrity
What are the primary requirements of information security? (Choose 3)
It is an organization that enables individuals and businesses to connect to the internet.
What is an ISP?
Leased line
A medium-sized business is researching available options for connecting to the Internet. The company is looking for a high speed option with dedicated, symmetric access. Which connection type should the company choose?
1.) Suitable for modular devices that allows for expansion.
2.) Grows in size without impacting existing users
What are two characteristics of a scalable network? (Choose 2)
1.) It can rapidly adapt to the loss of data transmission facilities.
2.) Data packets can travel multiple paths through the network simultaneously.
3.) It efficiently utilizes the network infrastructure to transfer data.
Why was a packet-switched connectionless data communications technology used the Internet? (Choose 3)
1.) The distance the media can successfully carry a signal.
2.)The environment where the media is to be installed.
What two criteria are used to help select network media? (Choose 2)
1.)They filter the flow of data, based on security settings.
2.) They direct data along alternate pathways when there is a link failure.
What are two functions of intermediary devices on a network? (Choose 2)
A router
Which intermediary device determines the path that messages should take between networks?
Refer to the exhibit. Which set of devices contains only intermediary devices?
A, B, D, G
1.)WANs are typically operated through ISPs, but LANs are typically operated locally without the need for ISPs.

2.)WANs connect LANs at slower speed bandwidth than LANs connect their internal end devices.​
Which two statements about the relationship between LANs and WANs are true? (Choose 2)
Wireless LAN
Which area of the network would a college IT staff most likely have to redesign as a direct result of many students bringing their own tablets and smartphones to school to access school resources?
Satellite - Not suited for heavily wooded areas
Cable- Uses coaxial cable as a medium
DSL- Splits the access line into three signals.
Dialup- Typically has very low bandwidth.
Match each characteristic to its corresponding internet connectivity type.
1.) Antispyware software
2.) A firewall
3.) Antivirus software
Which three network tools provide the minimum required security protection for home users? (Choose 3)