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an area of land that is almost surrounded by water but is joined to a larger piece of land (félsziget)
mountain range
a group or line of mountains with a particular name (hegylánc)
in the North (észak)
the direction that is on your left when you watch the sun rise; one of the four main points of the compass
plateau (fennsík)
an area of flat land that is higher than the land around it
in the South (dél)
the direction that goes towards the part of the earth below the equator,opposite to the north, or the part of an area or country that is in this direction
monsoon climate
the season of heavy rain during the summer in hot Asian countries
all the people who live in a particular area, city or country; the total number of people who live there
northern plains
(északi) a large area of flat land(s)
forest areas
a large area of land covered with trees and plants, usually larger than a wood, or the trees and plants themselves
interior (belföld)
the land that is furthest away from the outside or coast of a country orcontinent
coastal mountains
a group or line of mountains with a particular name along the seashore
in the West
the direction in which the sun goes down in the evening, opposite to the east, or the part of an area or country that is in this direction
a piece of land completely surrounded by water
the north coast
(az északi) the land next to or close to the sea
lowland (alacsonyan fekvő terület,alföld)
flat land that is at, or not much higher than, sea level
continental climate
a climate characterized by hot summers, cold winters, and littlerainfall, typical of the interior of a continent
severe inland (belföld)
in the middle of a country, away from the sea
more moderate by the sea (mérsékelt)
sokkal (that is neither very good, large, hot, etc. nor very bad, small, cold, etc.) a tenger által
total area
teljes terület
land (szárzföld)
the surface of the earth that is not sea
the regular pattern of weather conditions of a particular placea mild/temperate/warm/wet climate
river basin in the North
is the area of land from which all the water flows into a particular river (északon)
thickly forested
An area is an area covered in trees growing closely together
plateau in the South
an area of flat land that is higher than the land around it (délen)
densely populated in
sűrűn belakott
coastal belt to the East
tengerparti öv
(especially of a country) without modern industry or modern services thatprovide transport, hospitals, etc.:
in central areas
controlled or organized in one main place
beyond the highlands (felföld, felvidék)
túl a...connected with an area of land that has hills or mountains
lies on the Equator
an imaginary line drawn around the middle of the earth an equal distance from theNorth Pole and the South Pole.... Fekszik
main islands
fő szigetek
mountainous (hegyes)
having a lot of mountains
hilly (dombos)
having a lot of hills
active volcanoes
a mountain with a large, circular hole at the top through which lava (= hotliquid rock) gases, steam, and dust are or have been forced out
a sudden violent movement of the earth's surface, sometimes causing greatdamage
typhoon (tájfun, forgószél)
a violent wind that has a circular movement, found in the West Pacific Ocean
tidal wave (szökőár)
an extremely large wave caused by movement of the earth under the sea, oftencaused by an earthquake (= a shaking of the earth)
degrees of latitude (szélességi fok)
szélességi fokok
very different from each other
to find or discover the exact position of something
estuary (torkolat)
the wide part of a river at the place where it joins the sea
the particular shape of the coast, especially as seen from above, from the sea, or on a map
level but having little or no height
low-lying (méllyen fekvő)
(of land) not high, and usually fairly flat
below sea level
a tengerszint alatt
subject to floods
árvíz esetén
network of canals
a large area of water surrounded by land and not connected to the sea except by rivers or streams
varied climate
változatos éghajlat
altitude (magasság)
height above sea level
geography, environment extremely hot
temperate (mérsékelt)
(of weather conditions) neither very hot nor very cold
highest point over 18,000 feet
a legmagasabb pont 18,000 láb fellett van
desert in the West
an area, often covered with sand or rocks, where there is very little rain and not many plants (nyugaton)
the Tropic of Cancer (ráktérítő)
the northern tropic
southern slopes
(déli) (part of) the side of a hill or mountain
mountain chain
mountain system
tropical forests
Forest found within or close to the tropics; (as a count noun) an area of this; especially = tropical rainforest.
Eastern block countries
The .................. was the group of socialist states of Central and Eastern Europe, generally the Soviet Union and the countries of the Warsaw Pact.
a tropical forest in which trees and plants grow very closely together
highest peak
the pointed top of a mountain, or the mountain itself
fertile valleys
(of land or soil) that plants grow well in ..... Völgyek
the science or practice of farming
(of a country, society, etc.) having many industries and a complicated economic system
one of the seven large land masses on the earth's surface, surrounded, ormainly surrounded, by sea and usually consisting of various countries
mineral deposits
amounts of ............. that occur naturally in particular areas
natural resources
all the land, forests, energy sources and minerals existingnaturally in a place that can be used by people
urban area
(in population censuses) a city area considered as the inner city plus built-up environs, irrespective of local body administrative boundaries
made industrial; converted to industrialism;
rich vegetation
(gazdag) plants in general, or plants that are found in a particular area
the practice of supplying water to an area of land through pipes or channels so that crops will grow
The South of France
South Africa (a country)
The North Pole
West Berlin
nyugat Berlin
East Germany
Kelet Berlin
South-East Asia
Délkelet Ázsia
South America
South / North Korea
Dél/Észak Korea
the side of a river, canal, etc. and the land near it
the south bank of the river
a déli partja a folyónak
southern France
déli Franciaország
the southern hemisphere
a dáli félgömb
western Europe
nyugat Európa
Northern Ireland
southern Africa (a region)
eastern culture
keleti kultúra
southern Europe
the southern States of America
Amerika Déli-államai