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dorsal and ventral

what are the 2 subdivisions of body cavities?

cranial and vertebral (spinal)

what are the subdivisions of the dorsal body cavity?

thoracic, abdominopelvic

what are the subdivisions of the ventral body cavity?

thoracic cavity

the cavity where the heart and lungs are located

abdominal cavity

the cavity that houses the stomach, intestines, liver and other organs

pelvic cavity

the cavity that is partially enclosed by the bony pelvis and contains the reproductive organs, bladder and rectum

serosa/ serous membrane

an exceedingly thin, double layered membrane which covers the walls of the ventral body cavity and the outer surfaces of the organs

parietal serosa

the part of the membrane lining the cavity walls

visceral serosa

the part of the membrane covering the external surface of the organs within the cavity


the serosa lining the abdominal cavity and coving its organs


the serosa enclosing the lungs


the serosa around the heart

umbilical region

the centermost region which includes the umbilicus

epigastric region

immediately superior to the umbilical region, overlies most of the stomach

hypogastric (pubic) region

immediately inferior to the umbilical region, encompasses the pubic region

illiac (inguinal) regions

lateral to the hypogastric region and overlying the superior parts of the hip bones (2)

lumbar regions

between the ribs and the flaring portions of the hip bones- lateral to the umbilical region (2)

hypochondriac regions

flanking the epigastric region laterally and overlying the lower ribs (2)

synovial cavities

joint cavities- they are enclosed within fibrous capsules that surround the freely movable joints of the body

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