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Disco Era


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Blacks, gays, women
Disco was viewed as the mass liberation of these people.
Dance Floors
Night clubs changed from having floors filled with tables to having these.
The Loft
Disco's first night club
Soul Makossa
1st disco song to make the billboard chart.
Race Records
Original name of the R&B chart.
Love Theme
1st song to reach #1 on Billboard
Sexual Pleasure
Disco centered on a woman's what
The Hustle
Two people holding hands and dancing together.
6 Steps to making a successful disco record
Get producer, make record cheap, great cover art, court the DJ, get product to people, reap the rewards
Music, fashion, sex
Disco was a revolution of these things
Studio 54
The New York City Club famous for the Red Velvet Rope
Le Freak
Disco song written as protest for not letting the group Chic in the Studio 54
$4 billion
Net worth of the Disco industry by the end of 1979
Come Out
After the 60's gay men felt more comfortable to do this.
Never Can Say Goodbye
1st Disco Song to cross over to the Pop charts.
The Record Company
Did not believe in the Song, "I will Survive" and as a result put it on the B side of the record.
Auditioned for a production of Harre
How Donna Summers started her music career.
Portrayed as Sexy
Why did Donna Summer resent her fame as a singer.
1st openly gay diva singer.
Pull up to my Bumper Baby
Grace Jones song that allowed her to use her natural speaking voice.
The Rufus Band
The group Chaka Khan started singing with.
I'm Every Woman
The Chaka Khan song that established her as a Diva.
Soul, Blues, Jazz
Other genres Chaka Khan sang in.
Club Music
After 1979 Disco was referred to this.
Club 52
The place where Madonna made her Debut.
Clubs, fashion, sex
The elements that kept Madonna as a global superstar.
The 1970's
The time frame that Disco took place in.
Tight clothes, loud colors, mirror ball
Three things that are associated with Disco.
New York City
The place where the Disco started.