Making of the Modern World FINAL EXAM

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capitalistJapanese imperialism is_____________economic, political, military1 of US's objectives in Asia is to decide the broad rules of asia and prevent the US from being denied ____________ access in AsiaChina1 of US's objectives in Asia is to keep _______ in check and prevent them from getting a concentration of resourcesMilitary basesIF N and S Korea reconcile, US would no longer have a need to keep its _______ in South KoreaencouragesThe typical US viewpoint is that China ________N Korea's rouge behavioragainstin reality, China is_______ N Korea's nukesChinathe last lifeline between N Korea and the rest of the worldUS and JapanThe typical Korean opinion is that the division of the N and the S is a mistake caused by _____________, and there should be reunificationLeeWho argues that Chinese labor empowerment as depicted in world news is an illusionweakeningLee argues that the "new normal" in industrial relations herald a strengthening or weakening of workers' capacity for large-scale collective action?localized, fragmented, and manageable by party-stateThe increases in strikes, lawsuits, and demonstrations during the reform era in China didn't = sustained militancy or worker power so long as resistance stayed...fT/F- according to Lee, the increase in strikes following the 2008 labor shortage is a new phenomenon and implies a surge of worker power.tT/F- according to Lee, the demographic change to 2nd generation migrant workers hasn't necessarily strengthened labor's bargaining powerfT/F- according to Lee, the 2nd generation of migrant workers have more rights and class conciousnesstT/F- according to Lee, The increase in wages for Chinese laborers isn't necessarily an index of empowerment. There is a lot of militancy but not enough radicalizationlabor NGOsthese people provided legal assistance and counselling to individual workers in China starting in the 1990ssocial servicesthe labor NGOs in China managed to persist because they filled a gap created by the govt's reluctance to provide....dominancethe labor NGOs were partially unwanted by the regime because they threatened the _____ of the official unionssolidarityLee points out the new innovation in Chinese worker's mode of struggle, especially with the creation of ______ networks.internetThe economy in China keeps moving away from export industries and toward ____ platformsreturnA misunderstanding about China: All talk about the "rise" of China's economy is actually a...broken by capitalist modernity (pre-cap it was organized by B)Why did China's economy decline before the reorientation of world economy back to China?unevenA misunderstanding about China: The recent growth of China has been ______ geographicallyhigh qualityA misunderstanding about China: The recent growth of China is not only based on cheap labor, but actually the _______ laborMaoistThe high quality labor in China (ppl are healthy, disciplined, well educated, and willing to work) was created during the _____ periodCapitalismA misunderstanding about China: China's communism is actually state-led _______maoistparadoxically, capitalism in China began during the ______ periodcontradictions, hegemonA misunderstanding about China: The processes that created modern China have produced a great power, but one that is beset by _______ that will likely prevent it from becoming the new ______ anytime sooncapitalist state, communismThe Maoist period was a revolution led by poor peasants who wanted to take down the _______ and make room for _______unificationBoth Mao and Lincoln represent _______ of the state to became CNS trinitybasic needsChin'a most remarkable achievement during the Maoist period was to make poor people better off in terms of...inequalitywith China's rapid growth, there has been an explosion of _____ b/w urban and rural areas as well as among different classes, social classes, and provencespolitical and social strugglesthe rapid increase in the # of __________ both in urban and rural areas creates serious social unrest and poses new challenges to the leadershiptT/F- according to Lee, the workers involve in the labor struggles aren't winning the important battlessocial contract changed, MOE B stopped working and repression became more indiscriminateRebellion in Egypt had been brewing for years but 2 things brought it to a head. What were they?population gets social welfare (housing, education, healthcare, etc) in exchange for obediencewhat was the social contract between the population and the regime before Nassar's coupsocial networks_____ played a role only in the preliminary stages of the Egyptian revolttraditional media (Tv and radio)Who played the biggest role in the beginning of the revolt?repression, exploitation____ affected the affluent ranks of the middle class in Egypt and _____ affected the lower ranks of the middle classarmed forcesEven though Mubarak is now gone, the _____ still have ultimate power in Egyptpower triangleThe dictatorship in Egypt took what form after Nassar's coup (take over by military force)daily govt, domestic repression, military proper3 parts of the power triangle in Egyptpresident/monarchy, ruling partyin the power triangle, who are those who take over the daily govt?police, intelligence, paramilitaryin the power triangle, who are those who are the military officers who handle domestic repression?those who return to the barracksin the power triangle, who are those who represent the military proper?power triangle, USThe dictatorship in Egypt rested and depended on the _________ structure and the ______US______ was in regular interaction with foreign intelligence, the military, and the presidency in EgyptB (Center because Nile began in the north)The Northern part of Egypt was historically the center of a society built on...orderWhen Nasser took power, B was keeping C in check because the state's insurance of _______ disciplined capital1980sAround when did C finally take control over B in Egypt?state infrastructureThe elite class in Egypt were a sort of bourgeoisie that dominated....middle and upper middleWhat classes were in support of Arab Spring?eliteWhat class controlled the military in Egypt?Muslim Brotherhood, middle classThe peasantry in Egypt didn't support the protest as much because they were politically organized through __________ and they felt the _______ didn't represent them wellMuslim BrotherhooodWho was the most popular political party in Egypt before the US stepped in to break them up?revolutionary tideKandil believes that the outcome of this revolution depends on how strong the ____________ is in Egyptrevolutionary movement (they are just simply demanding and hoping for the best)Kandil believes that Egyptian revolution remains moderate and pragmatic because there is no specific __________ to fill the voidAWhen C emerged in Egypt, B became unstable which allowed a movement of protesters seeking for D... Which created things like Muslim Brotherhood and a fall back on mode of exchange _____climate changeThe making of the modern world is what has caused planetary....climate changeThe paradox of ___________: it is the thing which is most like to change the modern state of our world even though it was created by modernityCO2It is likely that we will continue to increase _____ emissions in the future which will continue to increase world temperaturedenialismThe political stance that says climate change is a result of natural mechanisms instead of human beingsfT/F- World temperature is increasing because the sun is naturally intensifyingCO2_______ began to increase greatly with the making of the modern worldstate, agricultureCO2 began to slowly increase with the emergence of ____- and ___________B, forestCO2 began to rise when mode of exchange ____ became dominate and populations began to clear _____CNS trinityWe saw the biggest rise in CO2 levels with the emergence of....unevenWhen world temperature increases, is it even or uneven?northern polar regions (Artic Amplification)What regions in the world have increased the most in temperature?melting ice, thermal expansionWhat are the 2 reasons that sea level is rising?rain-fedEven small increases in temperature create unpredictable weather which causes problems for the _____ societies who produce their own foodfossil fuelsthe best way to solve climate change is to stop using....bindingUNFCCC made an agreement to reduce CO2 emissions in the world, but failed to make the agreement ____CNS trinitythe _____ may fall if we don't find a way to adapt our society to warming weatherXa way for the world to respond justly to climate changebartholome de la casaspriest who was inspired after hearing a sermon that said the Spanish crown was being unchristian by forcing indigenous people in colonies to convert to Christianity by sword; 1st bishop of Chiapashuman rightsBatholome de la casas was a __________ activistchristian theologyLiberal human rights emerged from __________X, las casasLiberal humans rights coming from Christian Theology is like a drive for _____ and represented in who?B and CBishop Ruiz in Chiapas was trying to get A to go to X and stand up to ________ (but he failed and war still broke out)ruizWho was trying to mediate between the state and the poor in Chiapas?indigenous peoplesWho experienced plunder, exploitation, and repression in Chiapas?EZLNThis group in Chiapas advocates for all those who have been forgotten in historyzapatismoWhat movement represents the drive for D or transmodernity in Chiapas?it was an attempt for D that wasn't immediately crushedWhy do we study the zapatismo movement in Chiapas?critical, coherent, historicized conception of the worldWhat was the main objective of this course?modernity, enlightenment, globalization3 answers to "how did we get to where we are now"Locke'sEurope becoming wealthy through the plunder of the Americas and Dussel's critique of this show why _________ idea of property is badenlightenmentKant's idea of a release from man's self-incurred tutelageglobalizationthe result of expanding capitalismmoneyGlobalization--> On what basis are we all brought together?EinsteinWho said that the meaning of life is to devote yourself to others/ social ties?nationthe real social form of power of gift of reciprocity (a)statethe real social form of power of plunder (b)capitalthe real social form of power of markets (c)Xdthe real social form of power of Xe (d)CNS trinityHumans have been exchanging things in markets forever. In the last 200 years, A B and C have linked up and made the ....CapitalWho is the hegemon of the cns trinity?nation and stateWhat else to we need to transcend to transcend capital?racism, economic exploitation, militarismWhat are MLK jr's 3 evils of society?cDoes globalization correspond to A, B, or C?bDoes Enlightenment correspond to A, B, or C?aDoes modernity correspond to A, B, or C?capitalGlobalization is a justification for ....statethe enlightenment (Locke's idea of working the land and plundering it from others) is a justification of _______ plunderMLKaccording to ______, racism, militarism, and economic exploitation dominate our lives (much like the CNS trinity)all been negatively affected by European or Western influence (U.S. plays a bad role)What do all of our case studies have in common?empirethe US has long been an _________ in denialU.S.Who has been systematically messing with other regions to better its "empire"victimsthe US denied that they were an empire because they viewed themselves as _______ of colonial and imperial oppressionanti-imperial and colonialThe concept of the United States was born in an ______________________ act/mindset (so we thought we weren't an empire)