Culinary Arts Vocab #10


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Commercial Operations
an operation that earns more than enough to cover daily expenses
the money a business makes after paying all of its expenses
Fine Dining Restaurant
a restaurant that provides an environment featuring excellent food, elegant decor, and superior service
a restaurant where customers serve themselves, or order at a counter
Quick Service Restaurant
a restaurant that quickly provides a limited selection of food at a low prices
Full Service Restaurant
a restaurant where servers take customer orders and then bring the food to the table
On Site Catering
food is prepared at a customer's location for special occasions
Off Site Catering
a caterer prepares and delivers food from a central kitchen to different locations
a written permission to participate in a business activity
Business Plan
a document that describes a new business and a strategy to launch that business
a contract between a business an a insurance company. it provides financial protection against losses
Sole Proprietorship
a business that has only one owner
a company that sells a business owner the right to use its name, logo, concept, and products. in return, the business owner agrees to run the business as outlined by the franchise company.
Over Head Cost
expenses other than food and wages
a legal association of two or more people who share the ownership of the business
a business formed when a state grants an individual or a group of people a charter with legal rights to form a business
Food Service Consultant
offers advice and information to other food service business owners and managers
Employee Recruiter
helps businesses find the right employees
a style of cooking
Noncommercial Operation
an operation that works to pay for daily expenses